The Enlightened Entrepreneur Program

For women entrepreneurs who are ready to stop chasing money & life.  

Sounds Fantastic, Right?

Let ​Me ​Show ​You ​How to Let Go  
of ​Subconscious "​RULES" of the Past
... So You Can Let go of the "PUSH"

and Thrive Abundantly in the NOW

Uncover SPECIFIC PERSONAL programing that limits prosperous thriving, personal fulfillment, happiness and Joy.​

Clear Specific Unconscious Blocks that Create:

  • Feelings of emptiness that NOTHING seems to fill
  • Procrastination & making excuses when it comes to doing things that could improve your future
  • Tall Income ceilings that you can not surpass, no matter what you "do"
  • Boom or Bust Financial Cycles
  • Unhappy relationships
  • An over active inner critic, that beats you up all day, every day
  • Anxiety about "putting yourself out there" or charging full value of your offers
  • Feeling anxious when it comes to asking for and receiving a lot more love, money & success
  • Watching new found "Gains" silently fade away from a series of weird, out of the blue "catastrophes"

​I know how you feel,

I've felt the same ways and had all those symptoms ... until I discovered a​n unusual and EFFECTIVE system of healing SPECIFIC "hidden defenses" that FREED me of limiting behavior patterns that​ kept me feeling empty and ​always "PUSHING".  

 This system is what clears ​layers of lifetime ​ limiting beliefs, emotions and personal programing that absolutely gets in the way of an Abundant, Thriving Future.  

Clearing out negative vibes and outdated personal programing always leaves us much more "connected" Spiritually and energetically aligned with our Life Purpose.

​Living your life purpose ​feels like you are living the "heaven on earth" dream!

​Sounds fantastic?  It is!!!

​And it is completely possible to experience!

Today, I'm an expert in reprogramming the mind using the most cutting-edge tools in modern psychology, and LOVE LOVE LOVE to help ​​women entrepreneurs, just like you clear the REASONS for ​unfulfilment, lack and limiting behavior patterns  so they can ...

 ​Live With Passion, Peace & Prosperity!


“​Enlightened ​Entrepreneur Program ”

delivers the most cutting edge, powerful tools to:


Uncover the EXACT deeply set unconscious blocks to self love, money & success


Heal the parts of you that cause ​the constant "Push" for

"MORE" and 

feelings of ​emptiness


Shift deeper into YOUR POWER and Manifest through a Clear Chakra System

So You Can Thrive Abundantly AND Live Consciously with Joy, Peace & Fulfillment

"My deepest hope is that this will be THE program that turns your life around so you can finally have & enjoy ​your deepest desires."

The secret to the “Enlightened ​Entrepreneur” is an East-meets-West approach based on leading edge psychology, neuroscience, and Eastern philosophy.

My methods encompass the most powerful modalities known on earth today: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and energy healing techniques that work at the deepest levels of the Chakra System, our most core, fundamental levels of consciousness to facilitate permanent positive change.

With Love and Light,

What You Will ​Transform:

The most common REASONS for self sabotage and ​feeling unfulfilled

  • Reasons for saying or doing,  OR, NOT saying or doing what will improve your future
  • The reasons it feels uncomfortable to  receive greater levels of your highest and best good and feel wonderful about it!
  • The REASONS you energetically "push away" greater levels of happiness, fulfillment, love, money & success

The most common REASONS  the Law of Attraction falls short for you

  • Turn your inner critic into your inner coach and become your own best friend
  • Learn how perfectionism holds you back and what to do about it

The most common REASONS confidence seems to cave when you need it most

  • Learn why your mind links certain situations to deep set fears, and how to clear it
  • Manage unreasonable anxiety when you need to stand up for yourself, like at work or in your business, around men, or with your family
  • Learn how to ask for WAY more, without feeling guilty, or upsetting others

If you feel READY to do this very deep transformational healing work, I invite you to apply for 1-1 private "Clarity Call" where we'll make a personal connection to discuss if this program, or other services I offer is a fit for you.

Shirley Braune

All my life I have sought more but didn't know what the "more" was.

It was just a gnawing at my insides to do, have and be more......but why? Why couldn't I just be happy with what was.....

Long story short...Grace uncovered for me what has kept me from the success, love and acceptance that I seek.

 I FEEL ike a different person, ​so alive, and passionate about my life, so authentic and connected with my relationships ... and my business has exploded into a fulfilling money making machine!

It's an approach she uses that is new & very powerful for me....and believe me I have been on this self enlightenment journey for a while.  

I've worked with other "tapping" ​healers, and Grace outshines them all with her uniuqe healing talents and system of transformation​.  

Thank you much, words can not express my gratefulness. 

 ​Katia S



​I've worked with MANY expensive coaches before and NEVER have I shifted so completely and deeply as Grace magically gets me to do. 

​Although I am only 3 months into her 6 month program, I've shifted ​ so much into my power that my business, family and romance relationships have ​gone from distant and ​empty, to rich and fulfilling.

​It seems with every shift I make,  miracles I've never dream​'t possible for me​ ... HAPPEN!


​Here's the Summary of What You Will Transform ... 

​Chakra 1 

Become Even MORE Present and Deserving: Own even more of your personal power

Have you ever noticed how some people can enter a room and everyone notices, while others, even with amazing accomplishments, education and training, lack compelling confidence to stand out and shine?

Uncover & clear 1st Chakra vows of safety that ​ ​​form the foundation of ​un-waivering personal power, presence and worthiness. 

​Chakra 2 

Super Charge Fulfillment & Magnetism: Receive More Support, Money, Joy​, Pleasure ... Feel at Peace

Do you find yourself chasing after more ... more money, more things, more adventure ... to fill an emptiness inside of you?

Are fun, money, gifts or support less than what you want, or, do you​ experience feelings of emptiness, guilt or uneasiness ​when you receive them?

You’ll heal & reprogram the vows you made to yourself a long time ago that prevent you from feeling fulfilled receiving support, money, fun, pleasure and gifts and make the shifts you need to supercharge ​personal value, magnetism and absolutely love and enjoy receiving …

​Chakra 3 

Triple Your Confidence: Feel Amazing In Your Skin

Do you frequently feel stuck, procrastinate or avoid marketing boldly?

Is it hard to put yourself higher on your own priority list without feeling like you are too selfish or taking advantage of others?

​Get into confident "inner fueled" action.

​Feel the surge of energy and feelings of deep fulfillment as you CONNECT FULLY to the delight of being YOU, as exactly who you really are.  ​Confidently set strong loving loving win-win boundaries from a place of quiet knowing and strong self love.  

​Chakra 4 

Turn Your Inner Critic into your Inner Coach: Love Yourself Unconditionally

​​Everyone knows the heart chakra is about unconditional love and forgiveness.  Not everyone is aware that it is also where ​​your monkey mind, ​often called your inner critic lays. 

​Beating yourself up leads to self punishment behaviors, of restriction: If something in your life FEELS like punishment,  that punishment will stay in place until you forgive your inner critic.  

​Working to forgive yourself and others is the Universal Magic that unlocks stuck, stagnet, punishing situations. 

Get Weekly ​Transformation

Live Healing Calls ​PLUS a Bank of Additional Transformation Hours

 As your HEALING GUIDE, I support your personal transformation with ​6 months of  wee​kly 1-1​ ​Transformational Tapping calls along with ​24 extra hours  ofsupport to draw on as you need it ​to feel safe and supported.   

Bonus Materials

Bonus 1: ​Receive 6 ADDITIONAL 1-1 transformational calls that come in handy with this deep level of personal transformation. 

Bonus 2: In the moment "Self Healing Techniques"

Bonus 3: Handbook of Spiritual Principles to Live By



 ​Cynthia ​Rose Miller Coaching


​Grace has this uncanny skill t​hat helped me find and unblock the most ingrained beliefs about myself, and my place in the world.  

Working with her has unlocked ​feelings of freedom and joy within me that I am forever grateful for. ​ I am ​extremely moved at how much  deepe​r and connected I ​feel with my most important relationships

Before working with her,  I felt ​so safe and comfy in my small world and was afraid to ​grow a larger practice.

After this core deep processing, I now feel safe and comfy in a much larger ​practice where I am touching and transforming the lives of many more people than ever I could of imagined. 

How Will I ​Transform?

    • The program delivers  ​6 months of 1-1 Personalized Transformational Tapping Calls, where we meet once a week on the phone or digital conferencing software for custom transformation. 
    • ​Additional video training that supports your transformation along with other cool materials are accessible to you 24/7 on the course software platform.
    • Every call is recorded, with the link emailed to you, so you can go back to review all of your sessions at your leisure. 
    • ​Have access to a "BANK" of 24 additional 1-1 Transformation Support Hours  to use as needed during our time together
    • ​Enjoy weekly office hours in the Private Members Only Facebook Group email access to ​Grace, so that you get any questions, or concerns answered withing 24 hours of submission.

I teach serious, motivated ​entrepreneurs only

This is an application only program

Is ​The Enlightened ​Entrepreneur right for me?

​The Enlightened ​Entrepreneur Program  is not for everyone. Since there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to ​personal transformation, I want to make sure you know if it's the right fit for you.

This Program IS FOR YOU If You Have:

    • A burning desire to ​live freer and connected to your higher self, to experience the freedom of personal power and fulfillment ... to live fully aligned with Spiritual principles
    • A hunger to live more ​authentically, ​ to ​thrive with passion & prosperity
    • A little voice that tells you you're meant to do bigger things
    • An inner knowing that your life can be different if only you could shfit your energy and get past limiting behavior patterns
    • A soul - qunching desire to change the conditions of your business, of your life. 
    • The WILL to commit FULLY to personal transformation and healing with radical honesty, determination and to leave no stone unturned. 

This Program IS NOT YOU If You...

  • Your life feels fulfilling, happy and easy, with an abundance of love, support, money, friends, health and vitality.
  • You don't want to revisit your past or face unpleasant emotions and beliefs about your self
  • You are not open to learning a new way of healing
  • You're unable to commit to feel your emotions or do the work it takes to heal yourself
  • You're looking for a one-stop, instant solution
  • You're looking for pep talks or ego - petting, and justification.

If you feel READY to do this healing work, I invite you to apply for 1-1 private "Clarity Call" where we'll make a personal connection to discuss if this program, or other services I offer is a fit for you.


What is Your Current ​ ​ Consciousness

 Costing You?

    • How long have you been ​striving for the next level,  ​searching for that ​feeling of satisfied fulfillment ? And at what emotional and financial cost? How does that affect your role as an example to your children?
  • Do you hold yourself back from what you really want to do in life? Have you put you self care and family on hold until you FINALLY feel like you have arrived?
  • Are you stuck in the same boring routine, day after day, because you don't feel quite ready to do what you're meant to do in the world? 
    • What could you achieve if you weren't expending so much energy spinning your wheels in ​limiting behaviors ...  trying to attract and receive greater abundance of love money and successes


This Is is Your Time!

Where will you be this time next year?

Still trapped in the same old battle trying to earn more, get more, feel more fulfilled and in your power ... and beating yourself up because it doesn’t happen?

Sabotaging yourself, obsessing about how you're gonna make the money you want , or, going after more trying to fill that "void" that never goes away, and saying no to ​the fullness of life because you don’t feel ready yet?

Or will ​you be thriving... with ​greater levels of income, happiness, fulfillment... happiness on your terms?

​How will your life be different as you live fully connected to yourself, your deepest desires, and personal power?  

Will you take the time to relax, and have some fun? Spend more time with those you love most? Loose excess weight? Pay off Debt and grow your savings for something big, like a new car, home, vacations, or retirement? Travel? Meet someone special and deepen your relationships?


Join​ me today and start to overcome your ​limits, your struggles once and for all, and start living a vibrant, fully-engaged life. It is my sincere hope that this will be the healing program that turns your life around so that you finally get to have and enjoy the dreams that you’ve always wanted.