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What Is Self Healing?

Self Healing is the art of letting go of fears of repeating traumas of the past and / or fears of an uncertain future so you can be fully free in the present moment to choose how to respond to love, life and living . . . ON YOUR TERMS, not someone else's.  

The Acts of Self Healing connect you to your own inner Divinity, your own power of Love and raises those vibrations of  inner light of love and peace, so you can direct that loving energy to heal, to transmute the parts of you entangled in upset, fear, and self sabotaging behavior patterns. 

-Have The Happy & Safely Intimate Relationships YOU Want
- Have A New Career Or Business Focus That Feeds Your Soul & Bank Accounts
-Overcome  Frustrating Struggles & Step Into The Freedom to Succeed


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self healing is the gateway to inner peace

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HEART FELT COURAGE Is a virtual self healing program & 40 day meditation series that guides you to harness & purify the power of your inner light to clarify & focus your energies to heal fears of an unknown, uncertain future.  

You'll then be guided to co- create with Source a NEW Vision for a Thriving Business, Career or Relationship  and focus those  heart felt energies in synergy with others for 40 Days of self healing and manifesting meditation.

The program covers the BASICS of self healing so you'll know how to melt unreasonable fears and self sabotage instantly so you can stop doing what you know you shouldn't be and begin doing the things you KNOW in your heart and soul that make a positive impact on your life and those you touch. 

DAILY MEDITATION SERIES:  Is a virtual 40 day self healing and manifesting meditation series that guides you to focus the power of your light to self heal and manifest your dreams and goals within the Light.

What is cool about this program is that you not only can you dramatically raise your vibration as you meditate in synergy with others,  you'll be able to  heal common consciousness blocks at each chakra level, that FREE you to be at peace and harmony with your mind, body and spirit.

This program comes with a FREE 30 Minute Onboarding Call to make sure you have a clear goal focus and emotions of HAVING that goal tied to it.   You'll also have support via our dedicated Facebook group and weekly group coaching calls.

HI, I'm Grace Mosgeller,  I'm a chakra consciousness healer and transformation coach who who guides women to build their own inner light,  and prosper.

It's a sacred path  of self healing that leads you to discover and shine  with your own hidden soul qualities that can get trampled and covered up in a world focused on survival. 

Sharing your soul qualities with the world, is your life purpose.  Prosperity, abundance, happiness, fulfillment, never ending joy . . . are all the benefits of living your life purpose. 

Its HOW to 
- Have Happy & Safely Intimate Relationships YOU Want

-Have A New Career or Business Focus That Feeds Your Soul & Bank Accounts

- Overcome Frustration Struggles & Step Into The Freedom To Succeed

Even as a trained and certified transformation coach, I struggled to having the relationships, money and success I wanted  for years . . . until I began consciously connecting with my inner soul-light qualities to heal and transform my life.

Now,  after doing my own inner work and self healing, I'm pulling together over 23 years of  Spiritual Coaching, Healing & Transformation to share with you the most simple and transformative self healing and manifesting strategies I've used to help me prosper despite trauma handicaps and set backs. 


Its how to love yourself & believe it!

I was settling for crumbs with my flower business.  My money breakthroughs in her program  showed me what has kept me from the success, love and acceptance that I had been seeking which quickly led to doubling my income and I am on the path to tripling it here shortly. 

It's an approach she uses that is new & very powerful for me....and believe me I have been on this self enlightenment journey for a while.  I've tried other "tapping" healers before, but the real life results I've gotten from this program, and her unique talents waaaay outshines anyone I've worked with before.  

I am grateful to Grace for helping me to move into the space of self love and acceptance that I have been seeking for a very long time.  I am so impressed at how quickly I was able to dramatically improve my  financial picture and love how my  earning power continues to grow daily. 

Shirley Braune

I've worked with several healers, coaches, and professionals yet none have treated the root causes therefore nothing ever changed my self sabotaging behaviors.

I've learned to lean into my feminine power, and feel great about receiving my good.  I am more self aware, I am giving from a fuller place, I am strengthening my faith, and after every session I experience personal power changes instantly.  


I am finally getting ahead, making things happen and enjoying new levels of intimacy with my boyfriend of 5 years.

This experience working with Grace is changing my life

Katia Sandoval