The Enlightened ​Goddess Program

How to Love Yourself by Systematically Healing Blocks to Love, Intimacy, ​Fulfillment & Connection

Sounds Fantastic, Right?

Let ​Me ​Guide You To Let Go of ​Blocks to Love, Intimacy, Fulfillment & Connection

​So you can HAVE the Romantic Relationship Of Your Dreams​

​Heal Specific Subconscious Blocks ​to Love, ​Intimacy, Fulfillment & Connection:

    • ​​Feeling Too Anxious About Opening & Being Vulnerable with Him
    • ​Anxiety Around "Not Being Enough"
    • ​Patterns of Attracting the WRONG Men  ( ie Untrustworthy, Unavailable, or Incompatible)
    • ​The Vow to Never Be Seen, Heard or Understood
    • ​The Vow to Never Show Your TRUE Self
    • An Over Active Inner Critic, That Beats You Up All Day, Every Day
    • ​Anxiety ​Around Sensuality / Sexuality / Expressing Passion
    • Feeling ​Anxious When It Comes to Asking For and Receiving a Lot More Love, ​
    • ​Self Sabotaging Behaviors that Show Whenever You Let in Love

I know how you feel,

​I struggled with unhappy roman​tic situations for decades ... until I discovered a​n unusual and EFFECTIVE system of healing SPECIFIC "hidden defenses" that FREED me of​ ​feeling "not good enough" and unable to receive the love and connection my heart truly wanted.    On the other side of this deep work,​ are feelings of deep gratefulness, fulfillment, and an undefended heart. 

 This is a step by system of healing ​that clears ​layers of lifetime ​ limiting beliefs, emotions and personal programing that absolutely gets in the way of loving yourself and ​having a mutually loving, happy romantic relationship​.

At the end of the program you'll be at least 3x better able to let in the richness intangibles of life:  love, happiness, fulfillment, joy, abundance.  

Clearing out negative vibes and outdated personal programing always leaves us much more "connected" Spiritually and energetically aligned with ​the BEST of who we really are, you know, the part of us that has GREAT LOVING intentions that sometimes go sideways. 

​When you love yourself and believe it with rock solid confidence inside, you no longer feel the need to "get" love, validation or support from others.  

Instead, you'll feel surprisingly ​confident and even MORE compelled to give from a full place AND set strong loving boundaries that honor YOU and the people around you.   

When you love, accept and honor ALL of you, you'll have a deep knowing withing that no matter what happens in romance, you'll be O.K. 

When you can feel that solid within yourself, relationship then becomes about sharing joy, happiness and fun.   Because once you accept your flaws, you'll be able to accept his flaws . . . and love unconditionally. 

Frustrations, hurts, unfairness and anger because of what he does or doesn't do ​become less and less important.

​Sharing love and happiness becomes the new focus.

​Sounds fantastic?  It is!!!

And it is completely possible to experience!

Today, I'm an expert in reprogramming the mind using the most cutting-edge tools in modern psychology, and LOVE LOVE LOVE to help ​​​smart, successful  women over 50, just like you, clear their sub conscious blocks to love​.

 ​Live With Passion, Peace & ​Unconditional ​Love


“​Enlightened ​​Goddess Program ”

delivers the most cutting edge, powerful tools to:


Uncover the EXACT deeply set ​subconscious blocks to self love, ​intimacy, fulfillment & connection


Heal the parts of you that cause ​the penetrating pains of rejection, or ​the ​​"NEED" to feel loved, accepted and cherished


Shift deeper into ​SELF LOVE ​become the Enlightened Goddess

that has the romance, intimacy and connection with the man they have, or the one they are about to meet.

So You Can ​Finally Have The Mutually Happy Romantic Relationship of Your Dreams

"My deepest hope is that this will be THE program that turns your life around so you can finally have & enjoy ​the fulfillment of your deepest desires." 

The secret to the ​ effectiveness of the "Enlightened Goddess Program” is an East-meets-West approach based on leading edge psychology, neuroscience, and Eastern philosophy.

My methods encompass the most powerful modalities known on earth today: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and energy healing techniques that work at the deepest levels of the Chakra System, where our most core, fundamental levels of consciousness lay, so we can ​ facilitate permanent positive change.

With Love and Light,

What You Will ​​Heal

Feelings of Low Self Worth & Deservingness With Men

  • ​Its true . . . you MUST love you first, before you can let in and FEEL HIS love.   Men don't complete you, you ​connected ​with the Divine is all the completeness you need.   That is when you attract available men who want to give to you ... because​ they FEEL good giving to  you. 
  • ​​It's NOT your fault,  because these kinds of patterns that push men away were actually acts of self love to protect you from repeating painful, fearful situations ... ​And they can be healed using the processes and tools inside the program.

​Resistance to Receiving Your Good

  • ​Receiving is Giving is Love . . . Once you no longer push away HIS gifts ​for you and become more open to receive, both of you can FEEL the joy of Love & Fulfillment
  • ​Healing past betrayals,  frees you of trust issues so that you stop falling for the wrong man, and ​feel confident enough to confront signs of disrespect, neglect or betrayal with the man you have, so you CAN receive your good

​Resistance to ​FEELING Sexy

  • ​​Sexy is deserving energy and helps you receive with grace ​,joy and feel fulfilled.  
  • Sexy is the largest channel we have of life force energy.  You don't have to be sexual to feel sensual.  But if you want more sexual, boosting your inner feeling of sexy  . . . takes bedroom activities out of the ball park!
  • ​​ Sexy is also creative energy, needed to be fully alive in happier, more abundant ways.   It is the energy of attraction and manifestation (if we can receive)
  • Sexy has the ability, if you choose, to deepen the intimacy inside your relationship

​Setting Strong Loving Win Win Boundaries

  • ​Anger is a self love sign that something is unfair to you.  Channeled anger is true LIFE Force Energy that says, "That was UNFAIR! I deserve better!!!!"  and from that place of channeled power, knowing what you want, getting into focused action and setting loving boundaries becomes clear and easy. 
  • ​Having an Identity of your own Enlightened Goddess ... what you like, what you don't like, what you will tolerate, what you wont, and more, sets a strong "invisible filter" around you that compels ​BOTH of you to treat you better ... 

​Heal Your Inner Critic

  • ​​Beating yourself up all day everyday really wrecks havoc with the law of attraction and takes you right out of your power to stand up and self advocate for yourself. 
  • ​​Having a Vow of Perfection fuels the inner critic into overdrive . . . so you can ​be sure you are perfect.  
  • Healing this vow allows you to keep your high standards AND frees you from holding back and punishing yourself . . . because something isn't quite perfect.

If you feel READY to do this very deep transformational healing work, I invite you to apply for 1-1 private "Clarity Call" where we'll make a personal connection to discuss if this program, or other services I offer is a fit for you.

 ​Katia S



​I've worked with MANY expensive coaches before and NEVER have I shifted so completely and deeply as Grace magically gets me to do. 

​Although I am only 3 months into her 6 month program, I've shifted ​ so much into my power that my business, family and romance relationships have ​gone from distant and ​empty, to rich and fulfilling.

​It seems with every shift I make,  miracles I've never dream​'t possible for me​ ... HAPPEN!


​Here's the Summary of What You Will ​Heal ... 

​​Week 1 

​Feel Even MORE ​Worthy & Confident ​:  ​​Express your​ authentic self without fears of rejection

​​Upgrad​​ing how comfortable you feel in your skin, especially around men, allows you to be yourself and not worry about judgment or rejection.

Uncover & clear 1st Chakra vows of safety that ​​form the foundation of ​un-waivering ​confidence, ​and worthiness.

​​Week 2

​​Make Peace With Your Body:  ​​Feel grounded, ​ comfortable ​and confident

​Heal the parts of you that ​don't like your body, so that you can own 100% of yourself with greater confidence, presence and gather ​smile producing attention without projecting flighty scattered-ness to others. 

Uncover & clear 1st Chakra vows of safety that ​​form the foundation of ​​un-waivering ​confidence, ​and worthiness. 

​​Week 3

​​Calm Walking Around Stress:   ​​​Let go of unnecessary worries, so you can be even more present, mindful & in the moment.

​Unhook your nervous system from ​ automatic flight or flight responses that ​trigger low levels of anxiety and prevent you from leaning back and receiving.  (among other things)

Uncover & clear 1st Chakra vows of safety that ​​form the foundation of ​un-waivering ​confidence, ​and worthiness.

​​Week 4 

Super Charge Fulfillment & Magnetism: Receive More Support, ​ Joy​, Pleasure ... Feel at Peace

​Let go of old personal programing that limits how much you feel comfortable receiving. 

​Replace it with empowered, self loving appreciation and acceptance of all of you, so that  ​you CAN receive your good without feelings of emptiness, guilt or uneasiness​.

​Uncover and clear 2nd Chakra vows of limitation.

Week 5 

Super Charge Deservingness:  Reclaim your right to be angry

Get connected to your full body feeling of your value that springs up whenever you​​ or your personal power is being limited, denied or taken away.  ie, whenever something feels unfair to you.

Channeled correctly anger unleashes your willingness and ​personal power to boldly go after what you truly want and say NO to what ​you don't with strong loving 'win-win' loving boundaries

 Uncover and clear 2nd Chakra vows of limitation

Week 6 

​​Upgrade Your Value:  ​​Unleash more attraction /manifestation energy.

​Open the largest channel of life force energy, your "sexual energy".  Even if you no longer want it for the bedroom, opening ​your sexual energy channel will ​allow you to feel fully alive,  spark creativity, and manifest what ​you TRULY desire.  

​Without ​access to sexual energy, you ​can't be a good receiver and li​fe will appear boring, mundane, grey and ​​empty feeling​

 Uncover and clear 2nd Chakra vows of limitation

Week 7 

​Set Stronger, More Loving Win/Win Boundaries:   ​​​Change stressful punishing relationship patterns

​Set powerful boundaries and allow yourself to be treated ​a lot better.   Let go of trying to please, trying to get, trying to​ _______,  ​​only to be ​ignored, laughed at or criticized.  ​

Uncover and clear ​limiting 3rd Chakra ​conflicts to owning your power

Week 8 

​Be Seen As Special, Unique & Valuable :  ​​​While still being REAL, human and not at all perfect!

​Show him the "real you".  Let go of outdated rules and beliefs that say you must  "be seen and not heard", "conform​, not stand out or ask for too much",  so you can feel AMAZING embracing the specialness of who you are .... and share that with him, instead of sharing "​pretend​ you"that covers up the REAL you.

Uncover and clear ​limiting 3rd Chakra ​conflicts to owning your power

Week 9 

​​Confident, Enthusiastic Faith in Action :  ​​​​Stop getting pushed off your center

​​​Let go of outdated programing that disagrees with your new found ​identity of an Enlightened Goddess, so that fears of criticism, judgment, don't ​rock your confidence and you can hold steadfast with believing that you are worthy of being treated ​as a ​valuable and deserving woman.

Uncover and clear ​limiting 3rd Chakra ​conflicts to owning your power

Week ​10

​​​Open Your Heart to Yourself and Others:  ​Forgive the past

​Forgiveness doesn't let the perpetrators off the hook. Karma handles them.  Forgiveness ​​frees you  from repeating ​the same relationship conflicts over and over and over again​.  Forgiveness opens the door for you to love and accept ​unconditionally,  without the need to blame, punish or self sabotage.   It is the highest form of love anyone can give themselves or another and is the foundation of very healthy relationships

Uncover and clear ​limiting ​4rd Chakra ​conflicts to ​an undefended heart

Week ​11

​​​Open Your Heart to Yourself and Others:  ​Forgive ​ past mistakes & stop punishing yourself 

​Open your heart to yourself so that you can stop the punishment of self sabotage​.

​Instead live in the present moment ​through the filter of heart felt  love instead of through your head, your wounds and vows of refusal.

Uncover and clear ​limiting ​4rd Chakra ​conflicts to ​an undefended heart

Week ​12

​​​​Heal Your Inner Critic:  ​​Turn your inner critic into your inner coach

​​Every time you criticize yourself ​​you shut down ​self love​ and the ability to receive your good.

Clear the impossible vow to be perfect, so that you love and accept all of you and become so much more open to loving and accepting all of him . . . which ​opens the door to deeper levels of love, intimacy and connection that you  

Uncover and clear ​limiting ​4rd Chakra ​conflicts to ​an undefended heart

Bonus Materials

Bonus 1: ​Receive 6 ADDITIONAL 1-1 transformational calls that come in handy with this deep level of personal transformation. 

Bonus 2: In the moment "Self Healing Techniques"

Bonus 3: Handbook of Spiritual Principles to Live By

Get Weekly ​Transformation

Live Healing Calls ​PLUS a Bank of Additional Transformation Hours

 As your HEALING GUIDE, I support your personal transformation with ​​12 week​s of either small group (5 women max) or ​1-1​ ​Transformation​Tapping calls along with ​​​6 extra hours of support to draw on as you need it ​to feel safe and supported.   


 ​Cynthia ​Rose Miller Coaching


​Grace has ​an uncanny skill t​hat helped me find and unblock the most ingrained beliefs about myself, and my place inside a loving relationship.  

Working with her has unlocked ​feelings of freedom and joy within me that I am forever grateful for. ​ I am ​extremely moved at how much  deepe​r and connected I ​now feel with my ​husband.

Before working with her,  I always felt ​​unappreciated and was afraid to ​ask my husband for the things I truly desired. 

After ​healing my own blocks to self love, I ​am now expressing to him things I've long held close to my chest .... and to my surprise, he's responding with a caring and tenderness I thought was long gone for us!

Her program WORKS!!!!

How Will I ​Transform?

    • The program delivers  ​​3 months of ​Personalized Transformational Tapping Calls, where we meet once a week on the phone or digital conferencing software for custom transformation. 
    • ​​Choose to work with me either in a 1-1 private coaching format, OR ​join ​our small transformation group of ​5 ladies or less.
    • Every call is recorded, with the link emailed to you, so you can go back to review all of your sessions at your leisure. 
    • ​Have access to a "BANK" of ​​6 additional 1-1 Transformation Support Hours  to use as needed during our time together
    • ​Enjoy weekly office hours in the Private Members Only Facebook Group email access to ​Grace, so that you get any questions, or concerns answered withing 24 hours of submission.

I teach serious, motivated ​women only

This is an application only program

Is ​The Enlightened ​​Goddess right for me?

​The Enlightened ​​Goddess Program  is not for everyone. Since there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to ​personal transformation, I want to make sure you know if it's the right fit for you.

This Program IS FOR YOU If You Have:

    • A burning desire to ​live freer and connected to your higher self, to experience the freedom of personal power and fulfillment ... to live fully aligned with Spiritual principles
    • A hunger to live more ​authentically connected to the man you have, or the one you are about to meet. 
    • A little voice that tells you you​ deserve BETTER!
    • An inner knowing that your love life can be different if only you could shfit your energy and get past limiting behavior patterns
    • A soul - qunching desire to ​stop settling for less and start living happier, freer and with loving companionship
    • The WILL to commit FULLY to personal transformation and healing with radical honesty, determination and to leave no stone unturned. 

This Program IS NOT YOU If You...

  • Your life feels fulfilling, happy and easy, with an abundance of love, support, money, friends, health and vitality.
  • You don't want to revisit your past or face unpleasant emotions and beliefs about your self
  • You are not open to learning a new way of healing
  • You're unable to commit to feel your emotions or do the work it takes to heal yourself
  • You're looking for a one-stop, instant solution
  • You're looking for pep talks or ego - petting, and justification.

​If you feel READY to do this healing work, I invite you to apply for 1-1 private "Clarity Call" where we'll make a personal connection to diagnose what specific "ISSUES" are keeping you from the love and connection you seek and discuss if this program, or other services I offer is a fit for you.


What is Your Current ​ ​ Consciousness

 Costing You?

    • How long have you been ​searching for the ​the love & connection your heart is calling you to embrace?   ​​ And at what emotional ​cost? How does ​your ability to let in love  affect your role as an example to your children?
    • Do you hold yourself back from what you really want to ​experience in this life? Have you put you​rself on hold ​and are waiting for someone outside of yourself to make you feel safe and loved?
    • Are you stuck ​repeating the same relationship mistakes, ​time after time, because you ​don't know how find love any other way?
    • What ​would your life BE like if you were FREE of romantic drama /traumas and in a loving relationship? What new levels of love, fulfillment and companionship  could you experience that you haven't yet?  H​ow deeply would that affect the quality of your life. 


This Is is Your Time!

Where will you be this time next year?

Still trapped in the same old ​relationship woes? ​Feeling lonely or empty inside a relationship, ​or feeling lonely or empty because you are alone?

Sabotaging yourself, ​pushing away love, attracting untrustworthy or narcissistic men that leave you feeling worse about yourself?​

Or will ​you be ​connected with love?

​How will your ​relationship with yourself and your man be ​more fulfilling as you live fully connected to yourself, your deepest desires, and personal power?  

Will you take the time to ​connect and share the REAL you with him, and have ​​the quality, trustworthy connected, mutually accepting relationship that feels like home to you ?​

​The choice is yours . . .


Join​ me today and start to overcome your ​​relationship struggles once and for all, and start living a vibrant, fully-engaged, fully loving life. It is my sincere hope that this will be the healing program that turns your life around so that you finally get to have and enjoy the ​relationship you've always wanted.