How to Face the Fear of An Uncertain Future, Pivot On Your Feet & Thrive

A 7-Step Self Healing & Meditation Program to Calm Unruly Fear & Courageously Create a Beautiful Thriving Future

  • Learn self healing tools that calm out of control gut wrenching anxiety . . . so you can feel safe and grounded no matter what chaos is going on around you. 
  • Create your on internal "ENERGETIC" self healing shield to deflect negative thoughts and fears by building and holding your personal space with love, light peace and heartfelt motivation.  
  • Map out a plan to create your beautiful thriving future, with a proven manifesting process and guided meditations to connect your True Self to the goals of a unified mind, body and spirit.
  • Purify the quality of your vibrational light  by making friends with your Inner Skeptic  & elevating the heart felt joys of giving & receiving 
  • You'll get a ton of support, both from interactions on our private Facebook Group and Weekly Zoom Group Coaching Calls
  •  Plus access to a 40 Day "Create Your Future" Self Healing & Manifestation Meditation Series With Crystal Bowls on zoom 
  • Begin your self healing journey any Monday Morning on Zoom with an onboarding group coaching call to jump start your journey 

PRESENTED BY:   Grace Mosgeller

Full Spectrum Chakra Healer, Reiki Master &  Transformation Coach 

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The Steps Begins As Soon As You Commit 

Step One:   STOP FEAR FROM CONTROLLING YOU by calming the flight or fight response with a customizable EFT or Tapping Self Healing Meditation you can do on your own, or with me during your FREE onboarding group  coaching call. 

Step Two:   CREATE YOUR  OWN INTERNAL SHIELD, to deflect negative energies, and  boost your natural powers to create  a beautiful thriving future.  You'll learn to   build and support your inner world with the power of  peace, & soul felt love that also  becomes your most powerful self healing tool 

Step Three:   CLARIFY YOUR VISION:  CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF  to discover how powerful  living in your own  light feels .... and create your future goals from within the light. ... which is the first step in any manifestation process 

Step Four:    ELIMINATE THE "WHAT IF'S"   with simple guided meditations designed to help you let go of your strong "Inner Skeptic"  that ALWAYS shows whenever you begin to create permanent positive changes in your life. 

Step Five:   ​​CULTIVATE THE LIGHT OF HEART FELT GIVING & RECEIVING   with a beautiful guided meditation that raises your inner vibration and keeps it tuned to the abundance of heart felt exchanges of love, money & success.

BONUS:    40 DAY CUSTOM CREATOR MEDITATION  use this customized mediation every day for 40 days to train your inner self to stay focused on your future goal and self heal limiting beliefs.  It is one of the gentlest ways SELF HEAL, to raise your vibration, let go of self sabotage and limiting behaviors and ALSO connect with your Divine Angels & Guides. 

Only $199
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