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​It seems counter-intuitive, but the path to living more fulfilled, passionate and connected to the delights of life, ​starts with you loving you. 

​That means STOPPING what ISN'T working and start being, knowing and doing​ what does.

Take the quiz to​ ​find out ​your self love ​score

​Immediately AFTER the quiz, you'll ​have the option to take part in a COMPLEMENTARY Tapping Script specially worded to help you ​become more AWARE of what you are feeling and help you FEEL COMFORTABLE expressing yourself.

That's how you begin to ​feel inner peace and joy  . . . by connecting with you and sharing it!  

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​Its How To Love Yourself & Believe It

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Directions: (it takes less than 10 minutes to complete!)

As you read each question please be HONEST and go with your first instincts. Do not over-analyze your initial responses. For some of you this may be your first time becoming aware of your current obstacles. This is great, because the first step to​ ​​finding an inner sense of fulfilment, happiness and  connection, is ​ becoming aware of what you ​​might be doing wrong . . . so you can stop it!

You'll be able to view your results IMMEDIATELY after you submit your answers. Enjoy!

Ready? Let's begin.
1. You are stuck in fear or anger in the situation you are in. You constantly feel disrespected by what he has done, hasn't done, or won't do. You blame yourself, or him for things not going well.
2. Its ALWAYS better to give than receive, and put others' needs ahead of yours, after all that is what a good woman does.
3. Its hard to clearly and truthfully tell him how you FEEL.  Its easier to let him know what he is doing wrong or say nothing and pretend everything is "fine".
4. Whenever you finally feel like you've connected with him, you soon feel REALLY anxious, or another part of your life tanks, or your "new found gains" disappear.  Whenever you "feel intimately happy" it doesn't last and you secretly punish yourself to even things out.
5. Whenever he treats you poorly, you respond with a stiff upper lip, never showing how hurt you really are, justifying to yourself HIS point of view.
6. You don't feel safe or confident about revealing ANY inner weakness.  In fact, if you EVER make a mistake, you'll feel secretly guilty and hide all evidence of it.  Only the strong survive and thrive.
7. The thought of receiving unbridled full love, attention and support at home seems foreign to you or even scares you to your core.
8. Every relationship you've ever been involved in, every man you have loved seemed to be more of a fantasy, than anything real.
9. Your inner critic talks to you like a drill sergeant, or you constantly beat yourself up to secretly justify why he isn't loving you as you want.
10. You work hard to move the relationship forward and connect,  investing your time, energy, your heart only to meet some kind of resistance, feel treated as friends with benefits, or , he just disappears.
11. It's hard for you to set and keep strong loving win-win relationship boundaries with your man, . . .  OR the boundaries you set with them are so bullet proof that no one can enter.
12. Its safer to think your feelings, than to actually FEEL your feelings.   When things happen, you know you are supposed to FEEL a certain way, but inside you just don't.
13. You feel so alone and unloved and doubt that you'll ever find someone who makes you happy and treat you well.
14. You feel too embarrassed and uncomfortable to say outloud that you want a lot more love and connection, even to yourself!
15. It feels creepy, or difficult to receive large amounts of love, money, compliments, pleasure, gifts, or help.  Its easier to push it away and tell the world and yourself, you don't really need it.
16. You don't feel heard, important or accepted by him, like what you want isn't important.
17. It's hard to feel sexy and allowing with your man.   Sex is something that just has to happen, something you must do, when really, you'd rather avoid the entire dance.
18. You find yourself attracted to or catering to unavailable men ... the ones that are already taken or who run hot and cold with you depending upon THEIR needs and desires.
19. You want mind blowing sex, but you feel completely unsure you're "doing it right" or that "something is wrong with you", maybe you are afraid he'll find out you don't feel a thing
20. You'd rather just get things done on your own than to ask for help or support when you need it.
21. Anytime he becomes nice to you, you fear a hidden agenda for sex, because that is all he really wants anyhow.

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