Synergize Your Energy With Others To Self Heal & Create Your Beautiful Thriving Future

A 40 Day Create Your Future Self Healing Meditation Series

  • Meet every morning for 40 days of guided self healing & manifesting . . . 40 Days represents a spiritual time of importance, so that each day synergizes your focused energies with those in the group  together with Source. 
  • Every week focuses on a different chakra, where you are guided to open the consciousness of that  chakra to speed self healing.  
  • Every Saturday offers a self healing meditation that guides you to consciously release attachments brought up during the week that no longer serve you.  
  • The synergy of meditating with your fellow Heart Felt Students is a far more powerful self healing experience than going about it on your own. 
  • Begin your self healing & manifesting journey any Monday Morning on Zoom at 8 am mountain time with an onboarding group coaching call to jump start your journey
  • Never miss a meditation!   All calls are recorded and posted in the private Facebook Support group that goes with this program.  
  • BONUS!  Comes with a FREE 30 minute onboarding call to meet each other personally and  make sure all your questions are answered. 

PRESENTED BY:   Grace Mosgeller

Full Spectrum Chakra Healer, Reiki Master &  Transformation Coach 

ONLY $125

Covid-19 Special


Shifting Chakra Consciousness Can Shift Your Life 

Opening Chakra  One:   Opening statements woven into the guided meditation will upgrade the relationship you have with how you fit into the world, with your right to have things, (including money) and help you let go of repeating limiting family behavior and belief patterns that served you in the past, but not as an adult today. 


Opening Chakra Two:   Opening statements woven into the guided meditation can open your consciousness to accept ALL of your, wants, needs and desires even your most selfish or embarrassing  . . .  even the desires you may have given up on which can lead to guilt free receiving, and self confidence.

Opening Chakra Three:   Opening statements woven into the guided meditation can help you  realize love and accept you own unique qualities and be at peace with yourself, which can help you hold your ground and set stronger energetic boundaries. 


Opening Chakra Four:    Opening statements woven into the guided meditations can help you see your troubles and traumas from a "Higher Perspective" and help you open to authentic acceptance of yourself, or others who may have betrayed you, which can lead to happier, more loving and connected relationships with yourself, those you love the most and your financial situation. 


Opening Chakra Five:   ​​Opening statements woven into the guided meditation improves the impeccability of your word, can help you communicate and express more of your True Self from your heart so that others can truly know, understand and hear you much much better. 


Opening Chakra Six:    Opening statements woven into the guided meditation can help you see yourself in a much better, and loving light.  It can help you cease spinning in your head so you can visualize a better future and make present moment choices to help you get there. 

Opening Chakra Seven   Opening statements woven into the guide meditation can begin to open your consciousness to consider infinite possibilities  an every day reality, versus staying in the controlled confinement of ONLY your smart analytical brain. 

Only $125
Covid-19 Special $75