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3 Personalities of Your Monkey Mind

​​HI happy holiday weekend ladies!  I just got back from walking  up and down the steps at Red Rocks  ​Amphitheater here just outside of Denver Colorado … its such BEAUTIFUL place and really steep.  If you’ve never been to a concert at red rocks I highly advise you put that on your bucket list…. Its […]

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Transformational Tapping Explained

Many people have heard of tapping but don’t really know what it is all about, and how to make sure tapping will work for them. Here is a short summary about tapping and what my training and experience with 100’s of others has taught me over the years:  ~ tapping is a mind-body tool that uses […]

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The Vow to Be PERFECT

Have you ever thought that you could of done better, done more, or should of been better at something you set your heart to? There is an unconscious vow that very smart, very accomplished people take, that most achievers have a hard time finding any problem with it The vow to always be perfect.  This 4th chakra […]

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Do You Have Walking Ghost Syndrome?

​What is Walking Ghost Syndrome and what does it have to do with money and success? Good Questions, right?  My definition of Walking Ghost Syndrome is when we are not present in our life.  I mean living life without feeling, or feeling alive.   A Person suffering from Walking Ghost Syndrome may do a lot, achieve a […]

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