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About Grace

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Hi! I'm Grace Mosgeller.

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living I tell them, “I ​​guide ​women entrepreneurs to systematically ​​clear those pesky and annoying blocks to money and success, so they can EARN​, KEEP and ENJOY more money​ ... and feel waaaaayyyy more fulfilled in the process. 

​It doesn't matter what income level or stage of business you are in because ​money and success blocks show up​ every time you want to grow and expand your business. 

Its normal to have ​money and success blocks, but you don't have to keep them.

​Business success comes when you recognize and clear ​the​se VERY FRUSTRATING & OVERWHELMING blocks. ​I know this first hand because I ​ HAD to do this work myself 

After clearing away ​my own ​blocks that kept me working all the time, taking action on program after program and ​falling short of reaching the money, fulfillment and success goals I wanted, ​I made it my mission to help others "shift their stuff" and ​get out of their own way in a MUCH QUICKER & SYSTEMATIC  way than I had to ... so they can MAKE, KEEP & ENJOY more ​money & success by​ serv​ing with a full, happy heart doing what they love. 

I help shift unwanted beliefs by using the most powerful modalities known on earth today: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/ Tapping), Neuro-Linguisitc Programming (NLP) and energy healing techniques. 

Combined with time honored enlightened teachings & the emotional map of the chakra system, my unique, powerful ​ PROVEN systematic approach consistently helps everyday ​women entrepreneurs shift and make REAL, PERMANENT change, ​which is waaayyy better than mere inspiration and "Will Power" that eventually exhausts you and disappears. 

Let me explain.

Money & Success Blocks have roots in 2 areas:

​1) YOUR MONEY STORY .... how you REALLY feel about money comes from the money story your parents had. And, like it or not, we all make vows of loyalty (or rebellion) to our parents that keeps us repeating their money story, or fighting against it.  

​This is where you first started to learn what kinds of people have money, how hard you have to work to have money,  how much you can make, whether or not you can enjoy money, whether or not you can keep it... all this programing lays hidden our unconsciousness ... And I LOVE to guide people through my system to uncover and clear it all. 

2)YOUR SELF LOVE STORY   Fact: You can implement ALL the proven business strategies, be incredibly awesome at what you do, be connected to ​Source, work the law of attraction and apply ALL the universal rules of prosperity and abundance, and be broke due to too much debt, or not enough income.

That's where using the chakra system as a diagnostic tool comes into play.

  • How do you feel even more worthy and deserving?
  • How do you become more confident, grounded​, ​and ​passionate about what you do and stop being triggered into fear based reactions and respond with wisdom and intelligence and take the actions that matter?
  • How do you become a better receiver not only of money and success, but the accolades and rewards of satisfied customers and people who absolutely love you?
  • How do you make it safer to stand up and market yourself as the valuable, deserving professional that you truly are, so you can reach the people that need your unique products, services and skills?  

That's your Self Love Story and I can help you can change your story using my proven system of personal transformational​ to identify, and clear key beliefs that hold you back. 

I have 20 years of wisdom and experience ​​as ​the owner of 4 businesses, ​and have successfully tak​en myself and many others through this exact method of personal transformation ​I share in my private and group programs.

I have certifications from Coach University, Margaret M Lynch, Anthony Robbins University, with tons of smaller certifications in EFT ​, Energy Healing & Polarity Therapy.

I have studied the Sacred Emotional Map of the Chakra System and use proven mind/body healing techniques to permanently heal old wounds and past "traumas" that interfere with personal p​ower.

​I hold a B.S from California State University Chico, am a Reiki Master, and ​have certificates from many more self healing trainings, that I can not even remember.

​I love to pull techniques and strategies from Margaret M Lynch, & Rhyss Thomas and the most highly respected healers to facilitate transformations that produce results. 

My system of transformation is complete and PERSONALIZED to heal YOUR specific "hidden" personal blocks so you can naturally step into successful entrepreneurship and live the money, happiness and success story of your dreams.  

Shirley www.theflowertruck.com

You see all my life I have sought more but didn't know what the "more" was. It was just a gnawing at my insides to do, have and be more......but why? Why couldn't I just be happy with what was.....

Long story short... Grace uncovered for me what kept me from the success, love and acceptance that I seek.

It's an approach she uses that is new and very powerful for me....and believe me I have been on this self enlightenment journey for a while.  All I can say is this tapping and Chakra stuff WORKS!!!

I am grateful to Grace and excited to move into the space of self love and acceptance that I have been seeking for a very long time.

Thank you Grace.......so much

It's not your will power that is weak.  It is your core programming that has been holding you back

... AND I've ​​created a step by step system  to "heal" and "clear away" the most detrimental core programming that prevents you from attracting, enjoying and keeping "MORE" money & success ...

I have the tools to help you access the "intangible" energies that not only magnetizes you for external "successes", these energies allows you to experience a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, new highs of Bliss, Oneness and Universal Love.

When I am not helping entrepreneurs update their belief systems — or learning a new mindset healing technique or sharing useful information in my private Facebook Group— you can find me at the local yoga class, meditation hiking and running with my super-dog Jake.

You can find me hanging out, working out, and traveling with my wonder man, Don.  

I love to garden, redecorate and entertain.

I am finally relaxing into living and enjoying my life complete with the lifestyle business, money and love stories that light my soul.

Be Blessed,

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