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​About Grace

​Sobering Fact:  
85% of ​​success minded, women who have "made it" in business, ​ FEEL the Push for "More".   They ​go after achievements,  and successes only to look up one day and find themselves feeling "empty" inside,  like there is something fundamentally "missing" in their life.   

They love their husbands, and family, but​ the relationship is lacking the intimacy, connection and fulfillment that makes living feel fun and worthwhile.  

​​If they are single,  they haven't yet found the romatic relationship that feels safe, nurturing and supportive for them.

Or, they think, "​After all of this achievement,  I thought I was going to FEEL something,  something good and rewarding, but I don't."

The truth is Most ​of what we think and believe about ​what has to happen to "HAVE" ​what we want, to "FEEL" happy fulfilled and passionate about life and living is​ in our subconsciousness.  

​And​ our subconsciousness is 85% of our mindset that can be accessed and shifted systematically with a belief system cleanse of the chakra system. 

Does that grab your attention?  

But don't worry, there IS a way to access the subconscious and change these beliefs in a proven, systematic way that doesn't take years or decades.   There IS a way to fill the emptiness, the "blah",  without achieving another success, or going on another exotic trip, or buying another new car, or home, or any glamorous new "gadget or thing".

There is a way to connect to YOUR inner happiness, peace and fulfillment and let go of the 'PUSH".  This can happen fairly quickly for you, when you do an emotional and belief system cleanse of your Chakra System.  

​​Do You Feel Like a Walking Ghost?

Ok, ​ let’s start by saying . . .  You know in your heart that ​something FEELS missing, that no amount of friendship, romance, successes, achievements or earthly pleasures can fill. (because you've tried)  ​

​​But you’re ​tired of ​the PUSH.  The PUSH for MORE.   You are emotionally spent.  Trust ​that you will find inner happiness and fulfillment is becoming more and more distant.   In a nutshell you ​feel ​empty, blah and wanting some sort of "JOLT".  Something to light your fire and make you feel ALIVE.

​You may feel anxious or restless, sometimes furious, you may be sleepless, and scared.   There is little sex, (or ​you aren't really enjoying it ) and hardly anything feels like pleasure or fun ... you aren't UNHAPPY, but you aren't HAPPY either.

You just ​don't feel at peace.     

You wonder, ​is this all there is?

You thought you've been doing everything the right way, ​but secretly you are starting to wonder if ​this is all Earth has to offer.

No matter what you ​achieve, not matter what you have, no matter what you do nothing seems to ​"​FILL THE VOID". ​ You may wonder if ​ you missed something.  

Or, if you do​ have a few days of fun and connection, ​it just doesn't last and you both go back to ​how its always been. Not Happy, Not Unhappy, Not passionate, Not Fulfilled. 

​It feels like you're never going to ​truly feel the richness of life in this lifetime​.

 So you ​settle for ​what is.  You put your head back into the PUSH, and dig in to achieve something or buy something or experience something that will make you feel ... happy and at peace inside. ​

You FEEL like a Walking Ghost!

What You Might Not Know 

​Its not ​​​more achievements, its not more money, its not more things, not more experiences, ​that make you feel wonderfully fulfilled

​It's NEVER ​something or someone else. Its NEVER outside of yourself. 

Its becoming more intimately connected with YOU and letting go of outdated, beliefs and behavior patterns that magically ​deepens your inner feelings of passionate ​living, contentment and fulfillment.

Its learning to ALLOW yourself to FEEL GREAT about RECEIVING your good ... without guilt, or shame or feeling ​like it doesn't fit, that magically ​allows you to feel passionately fulfilled and connected to the richness and joy of life and living.

And that is done with an emotional and belief system Cleanse of Your Chakra System.

​That means getting even more connected to your FEELINGS, to know what you TRULY want, and what you DON'T want (not what is expected or what you know others want ) a​sking for them and RECEIVING them in ways that feel AUTHENTICALLY ​delightful.

​​It means learning HOW to ​connect richly with the life already around you ​.

AND it means learning how to ​ALLOW ​love and the good that comes your way to nurture you.   ​

And that is done by unconditionally loving yourself first ... Gathering the courage to love and nurture ALL of you.   The good, the bad, the wanted, the unwanted.

(PLUS real life relationship strategies that naturally fuel love, passion and connection) 

It is a path of self love & enlightenment. ​

Which also happens to be how you help heal ​our world​, because​ when you give your GIFTS, you know the wisdom, skills, natural abilities you've used to get this far , when you give from a place of even deeper loving fulfillment ... that energy spreads, its contagious.  Its how to spread love. 

You wonder, what is so different between what the 6 0r 7 figure earners do and what the rest of us don't?

Its not working longer or harder
Its not ALWAYS a better business plan or out of the blue luck

Well, what successful business owners all over the world have done that most of us haven't, yet,  is optimizing your subconscious mindset to match present day intentions for quantum leap growth

​​How Do I Love Myself?

​Well, ​the path to TRUE self love (which is loving yourself unconditionally) all the way to your core, is more than dating yourself​ getting massages​ and listing all of your accomplishements.  

Its a journey of deep reflection and healing, of healing & letting go of forgotten old wounds, injustices, betrayals and outdated survival programing.

When that "baggage" has lifted, when you have fully accepted yourself, the good, the bad, the ugly  . . .  what is left is YOU.  

Not the "you" you are supposed to be, need to be, have to be, but the "you" that you​'ve been longing ​to connect with and feel great about.  

That is when you connect with the YOU that you really are.  And since who you really are IS LOVE ... that is the fulfilling thing inside that you feel.

They say, "ALL ANSWERS COME FROM WITHIN"  and an emotional and belief system cleanse of your Chakra system is how to find those answers.

​​Because the cleanse will clear away all defense patterns and self judgments that get in the way of connecting with love for your inner self. ​
​And that does take courage, commitment & determination ​to Love Yourself this deeply.  

And it takes an experienced guide that has ​​taken this journey before, who knows the in's and out's of the subconscious, how to navigate it to find and untangle blocks in a complete and systematic way.  

You wouldn't climb Mount Everest without an experienced guide, right​?

The same for the journey to clear subconscious blocks.  

You NEED to be guided to the hidden parts of you you are unaware are running the show behind your back, so can clear them and love yourself this deeply and completely.

This journey to your deepest self requires a guide who's already gone there.

"My system of ​Loving Yourself & Believing It this deeply is complete and PERSONALIZED.  When you clear subconscious blocks you can naturally ​enjoy deeper levels of authentic connection, passion, happiness, ​and fulfillment"

​ What is a Belief System Cleanse?

My system of transformation uses ​the ​psychological map of the chakra system to identify WHERE the blocks are, and uses NLP + EFT or Tapping to Clear them Away.

​EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping, and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing) ​are popular proven tools for clearing subconscious blocks and realizing goals.  ​

Limiting beliefs and fears keep people stuck repeating ​their current ​"patterns" of living.  They​ keep people stuck feeling the same way on the inside, no matter what happens on the outside.  

EFT is a proven tool of transformation that uses the finger tips to tap on acupuncture points on the face and body while emotionally tuning in to negative attitudes and past experiences, which allows people to ​change their thoughts and feelings from negative and limiting to positive and empowering.  

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​Its extremely easy to do and the results are quick, powerful and amazing!

​Here's What You Need to Know About Me

​~ ​After ​20 years of studying & applying Spiritual Principles to transform my own life, and being trained and certified in world class transformation techniques, I have gone from living the push for more ... more achievement, more certificates, more training, more things, better this, better that, more travel  to a deep sense of inner peace, fulfillment and joy

.... joy because, "I did that and it means something"
... joy because, " I did that for others and helped them"
... joy because, " I just am . . . which is a beautiful thing!"

~  I've been trained and certified as a transformation / life coach since 1999, (Tony Robbins & ​Coach University) and again in 2017 as a Ignite Your Power Certified Coach with Emphasis on ​Self Love & Success Blocks. (Margaret M Lynch)

~  I ​understand you because I've ​taken this journey myself, and gone from feeling nothing inside, to the most indescribable​ heights of personal pleasure, fulfillment happiness and ​connection I've never dreamed was possible.  

~ I​ am a life long personal development and transformation geek . . .  Its REALLY easy for me to see your "stuff" and guide you to let it go.

~ I use Universal Principles ​as a frame work to live and run my life & business by.  ​ They ​are the foundation of T​RUTH I guide my clients to embrace and follow.

~ I use NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing) Techniques and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as tools of transformation not only because they are quick, effective and permanent, but because they have been proven ​​as tools to shift emotions, change beliefs and realize goals.

~ We all have a dream of what a life of fulfillment, ​intimacy & happiness looks like. I’m here to help you ​make that dream happen for you​!

So if you’re ready to ​​LOVE YOURSELF AND BELIEVE IT, ​ reach out to me and make it happen!

​Don & I in Cabo San Lucas

​Together we'll spend an hour getting clear about what you want, diagnose YOUR PARTICULAR blocks to ​fulfillment, peace and happiness and I'll offer you ​a personalized solution package. 

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