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​Why ​I Can't ​I Double My Profits ​ When I've Already Tried Everything To Grow & Expand My Biz?

OK, let’s start by saying . . .  you’​ve tried EVERYTHING to expand and your business and double your profits, but its just NOT working.  

You've implemented the proven strategies, hired the expensive coaches or consultants, but no matter what you so, your profit margins stay the same.

And you are tired of the PUSH.  The PUSH ​to get, to become, t​o have . . . MORE  

​Yet you ​feel a call for MORE.  You ​feel called to make a BIGGER​ impact, you want to feel more joy​, more success with your business, ​and you are willing and ready to make that happen,

. . . ​But, you are TIRED of struggling to expand your biz make things happen
. . . ​​You are FRUSTRATED because the proven business strategies you've ​implemented and ​the consultants or coaches you've hired to keep you accountable to are JUST NOT WORKING like you thought they should be by now.

​. . . . Maybe you can do well for a while, but another part of your life tanks, or your good fortune seems to slip through your fingers and you end up ​in the same place, OK, and safe,  but not flourishing or thriving.

. . . Things are just NOT ​opening like you think they should ​
. . . You never feel like what you have, or what you've ​accomplished is ENOUGH
. . . You just want ​to FREELY make the difference with your biz you've been called to

So you can rest, so you can relax & enjoy, so you can feel fulfilled ​& at peace, like you have arrived​, like you are living your life purpose ON purpose. 

Instead, you ​feel like you are spinning your wheels and are emotionally spent.  

​Trust that ​the ​big dreams truly important to you ​will ​happen ​ like you truly want​ is becoming more and more distant.  

In a nutshell you may be feeling confused, frustrated  and stressed because your heart felt efforts to take your biz to the next level feel like they have fallen flat.  It feels like an invisible ceiling is "pushing you backwards".  

You may be feeling empty, blah and wanting some sort of "JOLT OF HOPE".   Because you truly don't want to settle for less, but you are secretly wondering if maybe that is what you'll have to accept.

You want ​something to give you hope and light your fire​, to make you feel ALIVE, like what you want IS possible . . .  so that you CAN expand and grow your business.

Or, you are starting to feel ANGRY . . .  like WHY in the heck are things so hard to have?

You may feel anxious or restless, sometimes furious, you may be sleepless, and scared.   ​You work or think about work ALL the time, and hardly anything outside of work feels like pleasure or fun . . .  or if you do have some fun away from work, you secretly feel uneasy, guilty almost. 

You just don't feel at peace.  And you are TIRED, EXHAUSTED, STRESSED  

You wonder, is this ​as far as I am going to get?

You thought you've been doing ​the right things to grow and expand but feel confused, because ​you AREN'T growing and expanding​.  Maybe secretly you are starting to wonder if ​you were meant to have your dream goals come true.   

It feels like you're never going to truly feel the richness of life in this lifetime.

But, you don't want to settle for less.  It's just NOT in you.

So you pull up your boot straps.   You put your head back into the PUSH, and ​muster up more will power ​ to "try another tactic" with your business​.

​You ​secretly wish that SOMETHING or SOMEONE out there would show up to help you over this hump, this invisible limit to your expansion . . . you just haven't found it yet.  

You ​WONDER, "What am I doing wrong, why isn't my business growing"?

May this page reach those who truly want, need and are willing to do this work .

Sending love, light and laughter,
Sending hope joy and fulfillment The light in my heart sees the light in your heart
I love you!

​​The Answer

​Don't worry, things c​an turn around for you​.  You can feel like you won the lottery and watch your business grow, expand, take off and make that bigger impact your heart is been calling you to make!

​But a new shiny business strategy or working harder ​​is NOT the answer.  

Its invisible upper limit ceilings that are holding you back.  Its the part of you that doesn't believe that you can HOLD that much Abundance, Success  and Love ALL AT ONCE!

​The truth is,  ​everyone who endeavors to expand PAST their current levels of comfort WILL encounter invisible inner resistances.  

These inner resistances is ruled by a part of you whose job it is to keep you safe, by HOLDING you BACK!

​​This part of you believes that expanding and growing past your current levels of abundance, success or love is DANGEROUS, and life threatening.

Inner Invisible limit levels ​​trigger the part of you responsible for human survival​.  

Because it ​perceives that growing and expanding is dangerous,  it will do almost ANYTHING to keep you safe ... which means ​it will keep you playing at the same levels . . . even when you are trying to expand!

Inner limit levels show up as a wide variety self sabotaging behavior patterns.   Many ​self sabotaging behaviors seem justified and not related at all to your desires to expand and grow.  Like illnesses, injuries, family emergencies, or picking arguments with loved ones.  ​

You can feel overwhelmed, like you are crawling through mud to make things happen, or you suddenly feel like cleaning, or shopping, or eating, or watching that show your girlfriend said was amazing.  ​

Maybe you find yourself avoiding the very actions that WILL take your biz thru the ceiling.   Or, If you do find the energy to DO them, you may find yourself caving, not following through or doing something really S T U P I D that discredits you somehow.  

​Upper limit levels show up when some part of you DOESN'T believe that you deserve to feel good about the ​next level of growth and expansion that you are after.  

That is ​what ​limits you, what blocks ​from ​the growth and expansion you are after ... with abundance, success and love.  

​When you do the RIGHT inner work and healing to ​clear internal resistances, you can soar right past any ceiling of ​abundance, success or love . . . no matter how successful you already are.

​You can stop spinning and getting nowhere and start OPENING to the sacred life force energy within you that propels you past your limits with ​vitalizing levels of authentic confidence, and deservingness​.

​Clearing inner resistances to expansion allows you to feel great about manifesting ​anything you desire in EVERY area of your life.
It’s better than winning the lottery.

This is not some secret magic. 

You hold this innate power in you at ALL TIMES!  

Resistances to feeling good about who you are and what you will become ALWAYS appear as ​you endeavor to soar past your current limits.

​You just need to recognize ​what is happening and do the inner work to clear them 

You wonder, what is so different between what the 6 0r 7 figure earners do and what the rest of us don't?

Its not working longer or harder
Its not ALWAYS a better business plan or out of the blue luck

Well, what successful business owners all over the world have done that most of us haven't, yet,  is optimizing your subconscious mindset to match present day intentions for quantum leap growth

​​​What ​Causes Upper Limits to Abundance, Success & Love? 

Fear causes you to stay the same.  Fear paralyses you from becoming your best.
​Fear triggers you into flight or fight, causing you to drop back into the familiar zone of feeling safe and secure where you are now.  ​(​You may not be wh​ere you WANT to be,  but where you are now feels familiar ... you can handle the discord, because you are used to it)

So, ​​surpassing your invisible upper limits ​will require​ inner work​ to face your fears, and heal them.​  It also requires you to confront conflicting beliefs​, untangle and re-wire them so that they serve you.

The trouble is, you are NOT aware of most of them.   You are not AWARE of them, because they are hidden in your subconscious, a very deep and protective part of you that is ready to warn you with self sabotage should you venture out of ​your current zone of safety and comfort.

And, ​being aware of what causes ​an upper limit ceiling make​s it so much easier to confront and heal so that you are FREE to soar and feel comfortable at you new expanded levels. 

​Knowing the exact blocks that limit you is so much faster and easier than guessing and spending decades chasing them down (Which I ​have already ​​done, so you ​won't don't ​have to)

The ​hidden ​blocks ​that resist upper limit expansion are:  

1) Untrue and conflicting beliefs that say you are not "good enough, smart enough, deserving enough to enjoy abundance beyond your current upper limit.

​Feeling that there is ​a secret part of you that feels "fundamentally flawed" ​and believing that is the reason you are holding yourself back.  

​2) Believing you have to stay loyal to your childhood families UNSPOKEN rules, and values . . . failing to meet their expectations . . . even if they limit you and prevent you from growing and expanding as your inner-self is calling you to do.

Surpassing your current upper level requires ​shining EVEN MORE brightly as yourself, which can stir up all kinds of fears.  It can be as simple as not wanting to out shine a sibling or parent, and as deep as not wanting to be rejected some how and having your heart disappointed or broken​ . . . again.

​3) Past Financial or Business Traumas. No one wants to repeat failure.  Our brains are wired to warns us with triggering emotions or behaviors that stop us whenever something feels like its going to be painful . . . like what happened ​"THE LAST TIME YOU TRIED"

If you had a past business or financial trauma, you ​brain may trigger you into self sabotage to protect you from repeating another trauma.  ​​​It may also feel like you are being punished with struggles and hardships.  ​If this subconscious programing is ​happening to you​ you'll recognize yourself saying or thinking, "Ever since ____ happened, I have not been able to ______"

Past financial or business traumas are also a HUGE reason it is so hard to pay off debt balances, because debt represents an "energy" of "I owe you, or you owe me"​ that when cleared, make it a ton easier to pay of debt and keep it off.

4) ​The classic fear of success.   Expanding beyond where you are now with greater levels of success, by definition, requires more of YOU.  And that can trigger resistance to how hard you are working now.  "I'm already working so hard now, growing and expanding will tank me.", or,  "Will I still be able to see my family, have time for me.", or, "I've never made that much money before its simply not possible for me", or , "I've never reached that many people before, how will I serve them without killing myself, its not possible."  

Your inner skeptic goes on overdrive and can absolutely take the wind out of your sails before even leaving the dock.

5) Limiting beliefs about money. Lets face it, most ​heart centered women entrepreneurs, care more about serving, giving and making a difference more than they care about making large amounts of money.  You probably care more about giving your gifts to the world and helping people than you are about receiving large amounts of money as a trophy of your existence.

The truth is, when you expand and grow like you are called to, you WILL be triggered by limiting beliefs about money.  Because you ​DON'T want to be tied ​to the dark side, the dark shadows that the pursuit of money can and will trigger.  

​Facing any ugly beliefs you have about money​, untangling them and becoming aware that YOU get to choose how you are going to be with money,and  how you will leverage it for the greater good is how I guide my clients to feel great about themselves and in integrity as their business ​brings in larger and larger amounts of money, that might of staggered you before. 

May this page reach those who truly want, need and are willing to do this work .

Sending love, light and laughter,
Sending hope joy and fulfillment The light in my heart sees the light in your heart
I love you!

​— The good news is:
​​I offer​​ a special coaching and healing program ​where you are guided through gentle and life-changing processes that targets the exact blocks that limit you from growing and expanding your business.

​So you don't have to hunt and peck to find and clear every one of them on your own.  

On the other side of this program EVERYTHING will shift for you . . . you will be free of the limits that block expansion​.​

It involves ​being radically honest with yourself, caring deeply about your mission and being very brave.

"My system of ​​Surpassing Upper Limits to Abundance, Success & Love ​ is complete and PERSONALIZED.  

When you ​​approach inner work in a systematic ​way that ​heals and transform the EXACT blocks that limit you and hold you back, that is when you can authentically enjoy and feel GREAT about being super successful"

​How is this possible?

My system of transformation uses ​the ​psychological map of the chakra system to identify WHERE the blocks are, and uses NLP + EFT or Tapping to Clear them Away.

​EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping, and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing) ​are popular proven tools for clearing subconscious blocks and realizing goals.  ​

Limiting beliefs and fears keep people stuck repeating ​their current ​"patterns" of living.  They​ keep people stuck feeling the same way on the inside, no matter what happens on the outside.  

EFT is a proven tool of transformation that uses the finger tips to tap on acupuncture points on the face and body while emotionally tuning in to negative attitudes and past experiences, which allows people to ​change their thoughts and feelings from negative and limiting to positive and empowering.  

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​Its extremely easy to do and the results are quick, powerful and amazing!

​Here's What You Need to Know About Me

​I know all this works, because I have used it to ​help myself and countless others enjoy amazing levels of  abundance, success and love that ​we never thought was possible​.

Before I did this upper limit transformational work, I had tried all the manifesting tools:  prayer, affirmations, meditation, law of attraction, healers, counselors, coaches... only to find myself, feeling stuck, struggling and in the same place with the same frustrations, same heartaches, the same feelings of not being ​able to make things happen that I KNEW in my heart were possible  ... even when going after things with a proven plan, and a TON of focus, heart and action.

​I ran full tilt with my heart and soul to ​surpass my upper limits for love, money and success for about a decade.  I opened a couple of brick and mortar spas, which did OK, but never were able to surpass just getting by money.  I tried earning a living as a transformational coach, a few times since the 90's, but the same thing.   O​K money, but never enough to make me feel like I was reaching enough people and making ​the kind of difference I truly knew was possible for them.

After my divorce, I could only find men who were unavailable or un attractive  to me, the narcissists, the married men, the nice guys who just did not have "enough" going for them.

When I began lifting ​the limits to my own happiness​, abundance, success and love, my life changed.   And it can change for you too.

I have my thriving coaching business.  I have the romantic relationship of my dreams​.  I ​am living . . free to FLOURISH . . .  free to LOVE & be LOVED deeply, free be myself.

I feel alive, fulfilled, and loved for who I am .

Is my life perfect?
Heck no​, how boring would that be​.
​Besides, we live in an imperfect world of contrast ... good AND bad, up AND down, limited AND abundant, squashed AND expansive.​.

AND I know how to overcome and be at peace with any obstacle life throws my way.

W​as it always easy, ? 

​Sadly, no.
​My childhood did give me ​some traumatic experiences to overcome, and being on the other side of them allowed me to see what a GIFT they actually ​were for me.  (not that I'd recommend anyone seek them out on purpose) 

​​The past traumas that limited my life are my GIFT . . . because when I overcame them, I ​​learned FIRST HAND how to untangle and separate from even the MOST TENACIOUS blocks.  

I faced my fears, my abandonment, rejection and betrayal issues​. I overcame holding back and  limiting myself because I w​as "different" than my family, or that I did not want to upset them by being more successful than they expected.  

I honored how the​se experiences spilled over and  limited me in adulthood,  I honored how they hurt me . . . and ​during the process I ​uncovered a DEEP well of untapped unconditional love and acceptance ​for MYSELF ​and for those that betrayed me ​BECAUSE I was brave enough and tenacious enough to ​heal.    

​They made me who I AM today.  And for that I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!

Yes, the phrasing is correct:

They are my GIFT because NOW I am super great at helping others overcome their internal limits so they can soar at living their purpose, ON PURPOSE.   ​ Read and watch the testimonials you'll find on this site. 

Even though you may NOT of had as upsetting of a childhood as I did,

Even though you may ALREADY have ​had healthy successes,  I want you to know that if you are STRUGGLING to expand your business to the next level and ​can't seem to make it happen, ​you do have internal limits, internal conflicting beliefs that need to be cleared and upgraded so they no longer ​hold you back.

​BECAUSE I had to overcome and heal so much, I am completely prepared and competent to guide you to face and heal almost any conflict that limits your expansion into next level abundance, success and love.

BECAUSE I spent decades trying to heal myself, I KNOW the principles and processing that WORKS ​quickly, effectively and PERMANENTLY.  

I have designed a system of dynamic healing that circumvents YEARS of trying to find & heal the blocks that hold you back.

Here are the BIG Traumatic Events of the past that were limiting my efforts to expand and reach my heart felt goals:  

~ Never making more than 'get by money" being self employed, but could make plenty at a corporate job ... but ALWAYS felt like money was NEVER EN​OUGH

~ Emotional Affair with a Married Man

~ Divorce

~ Single Parenting with NO family support

​~ Severe Childhood Verbal Abuse disguised as great parenting

~ 2 years of childhood incest

~ Resulting patterns of toxic romantic relationships and being walked all over

~ Father Committing Suicide

Where am I now?
~ ​I have doubled my income as a transformational coach, and the reach of my message ​is expanding every day ​​positively impacting the lives of 1000's more ​people that I ever could of dreamed of.

​~ I am​ HAPPY!  I am flourishing and abundant with several streams of passive income to nourish my lifestyle, my heart and my soul.

~ ​Having ENOUGH money is a distant memory ... instead ​I am filled with a HUGE expanding drive to serve others .... connected to the Divine, and using my wisdom, my unique skills and brilliance ... and feeling like its FUN​,  FULFILLING & REWARDING, instead bogged down with the "push" and the "stress" of trying to ​make things happen

~ Toxic relationships are a distant memory .... now I am Extremely happy, content with an abundance of heart felt LOVE ​which I share ​ connected closely and intimately to the man of my dreams​.

~ Long gone ​are my uncontrollable needs for ​NEEDY LOVE that creates all kinds of drama/trauma.

~ I have healthy & happy relationships with my sons, my ex husband and family

~ ​Synchronicity and new opportunities that align with my highest good fall into my lap daily


All of this IS possible for you.

I have a gentle and life changing system of doing this that will shift you from ​​the ​frustration of ​​being stopped at your inner limit, your inner ceilings, ​and taken out with some out of the blue self sabotaging behavior or weird illness or emergency.  ​

​Which can change EVERYTHING for you

​You CAN HAVE beautiful relationships, financial abundance from a fulfilling business that really makes a difference,  happiness, .... the entire enchilada!

I would be honored to guide you thru this journey ... so I have created a VERY special clarity session where I work with you 1-1 to discover what you TRULY want and diagnose the exact blocks you are experiencing that ​limit your expansion into next level abundance, success or love. 

Its a $250 value that I offer for FREE for those ready to stop settling for less and serious about change.

Once we are done, you will KNOW the exact conflicting beliefs to your hearts desire, what MUST happen on your end to heal them, and tools to begin your journey of healing.

Reach out to me for YOUR Special Clarity Session:

​Don & I in Cabo San Lucas

​You CAN TRUST this is for YOU

​Stop settling for less, this is YOUR time to flourish!

​Together we'll spend an hour getting clear about what you want, diagnose YOUR PARTICULAR blocks to ​fulfillment, peace and happiness and I'll offer you ​a personalized solution package. 

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