Symptoms of a Weak 2nd Chakra

Our Chakra system can be viewed as a map of our consciousness ... our hidden beliefs, unconscious "blind spots" that drive behavior and action taking​ for all of us​ ... ​especially  the regular, everyday Joe or Joella who is good hearted, works hard, plays well, loves themselves, their family and wants to contribute to their families and the world.

When it comes to money and success, outdated limiting beliefs and vows of refusal hidden in the unconscious wiring of the 2nd chakra can truly get in the way of ​our "next level" goals.

Symptoms of a weak 2nd chakra are:

  • Difficulty truly owning ALL of your power
  • Feeling guilty or anxious about being "too powerful" or too attractive
  • Living the vow "never to be angry" so anger is pushed down and becomes frustration or depression
  • OR- anger and always being in battle with others and/or with self in the form of self sabotage
  • Thinking your feelings and spinning in your head ... instead of FEELING your feelings
  • Have difficulty feeling joy or connection .... until X,Y orZ happens
  • Pattern of total fear and avoidance of being VULNERABLE and trusting due to expecting betrayal and abandonment
  • Shutdown of sexual energy and/or periods of excessive sexual energy

Can you see how the symptoms of a weak 2nd chakra described above can get in the way of having the "intangible" energies that bring you love, money and success?  

If you find that you spin in your head, or feel unreasonably guilty or anxious when you ask for or receive "too much" happiness, love, money or success, ​or maybe you silently refuse to let others see you​ with your guard down, can you see how unconscious coping mechanisms like that can prevent you from having strong business boundaries or authentically connecting with customers and those close to you, and how that can totally get in the way of ​​​creating next level experineces like more love, money & success?

​The path of enlightenment that I love to guide people thru has truly AMAZING "intangable" benefits that can lead to real life changes in all areas of your life, especially with love, money and success.  

​A strong Second Chakra shows up with these "intangible" benefits of enlightenment:

A strong Second Chakra:

  • ​​Channels more raw life-force energy into your life that is FELT both you and others as personal passion, compelling charisma, creative abilities, and my favorite ... sexuality
  • Allows life force energy to flow up to the third chakra to spur, embolden​ and empower you to act and go for what you really want and DESERVE.
  • ​Lets your heart feel open to let in more love, intimacy and VULNERABILITY into ​all relationships while setting stronger, better boundaries ... ​with yourself, your business, friends, family and strangers.
  • Allows your PASSION, your ENERGY, your ups and downs to be FELT by others... ​which increases you power to influence.
  • Lets you feel safe and free to be vulnerable, flawed and human
  • Allows you to FEEL a new, deeper ability to FEEL your emotions, needs, desires, pleasures (yea), joy and celebration.

​These "intangible" benefits have a direct affect on the ability to ask for and receive ​the next levels of success you are after ... feeling more loved, even more recogn​ized for your good, feeling so much more valuable, cherished, accepted, and enjoyed as a good friend, colleague, a prestigious professional worthy of financial praise and recognition.

​If any of this has resonated with you, if you can fe​el or see how strengthening your 2nd chakra could really impact your life in majorly great ways, and you are tired of playing smaller than you want to be and settling for less than you KNOW you are worth,

If you are after the next level of success or​ you want to deepen your path of enlightenment and feel more connected to life in general feel free to reach out to me ​for a complementary clarity call.

Together we'll spend an hour getting laser clear on what you want, whats been in your way and come up with a plan to clear your energy system of old outdated beliefs, vows of refusal and become at peace with the dark shadow sides of ourselfs we don't show to the world.   Just click on the work with me button at the top of the page.

Sending love and light to you and your family,

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Grace Mosgeller

Grace Mosgeller loves to guide ambitious, heart centered entrepreneurs ​embrace a Mindset of Wealth and systematically "pluck out" the ROOT causes of self sabotaging behaviors. On the otherside of any of her programs or 1-1 transformation packages is the FREEDOM to MAKE< KEEP & ENJOY more money & success. Having overcome major "blocks to success" herself, she uses her 20 years of spiritual coaching and healing expertise to help everyday business owners master their money story and step more fully into a balanced life of abundance, enlightenment and thriving.

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I started to hear your free message about how the second chakra can cause self-sabotage. When you directed the viewer to get clear of all distractions I shut the video to get in a distraction free environment and list access to the video. Please help me get back to that video. Thank you for your expertise and understanding.

Grace Mosgeller

Thanks Barb, I sent you the access via email… I hope you got it! Grace

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