Do You Have Walking Ghost Syndrome?

​What is Walking Ghost Syndrome and what does it have to do with money and success?

Good Questions, right?  My definition of Walking Ghost Syndrome is when we are not present in our life.  I mean living life without feeling, or feeling alive.  

A Person suffering from Walking Ghost Syndrome may do a lot, achieve a lot, have a huge giving heart, but has a hard time ENJOYING the fruits of your efforts.   

Walking Ghost Syndrome is responsible for the need to chase things to "feel full, to feel alive, to feel complete."  

​Things like chasing achievements, chasing sexual or romance partners, buying things, over eating, over drinking.  Victims of Walking Ghost Syndrome chase all of this and when they "arrive" they don't feel what they thought they would feel.  They still feel empty.  They wonder, "Is this all there is?"

Or, they work and achieve, and work and achieve and never allow themselves time to play ... until ....they feel like they have arrived ... which never happens.

One of the ways we can see this is when we go out and have a few drinks and suddenly start having the time of our life! We feel like we are in college again, we're laughing and enjoying and feeling so alive and crazy ..... and this is because the alcohol has suppressed our "inner critic" our "inner judge" that shuts down this natural flow of life force energy.

Let me explain a bit more:

If you watched my video training series about self sabotage, you remember that we manifest our reality from energy coming in from our crown chakra and filtering thru all the beliefs and vows and paradigms of all the chakras below it until it manifests into reality. 

AND, ​core operating beliefs, vows, paradigms, rules and values get installed at a core level from the root chakra upwards, right?  

It turns out that our life force energy ... our aliveness, our passion, our anger and rage lives in our 2nd chakra and is meant to flow upward, unimpeded to our 3rd chakra, action taking center. 

Our 2nd chakra is the seat of our deepest desires. It holds t​he energy that creates worlds. ​It is also where the survival energy of fight or flight response gets its fuel from and ​part of this energy is also our sexual, sensual energy.   ​

When the 2nd chakra is open, clear and free ​it is where ALL our driving desires live ... its where our wild child lives and wants to party.

A clear and unblocked 2nd chakra ​is a very ​ powerful place to manifest from, right?

​But, we live in a society, in communities where we have rules and "appropriate behaviors", right?  We may have the urge to laugh out loud during a memorial service, but it wouldn't be appropriate, so we shut down that urge.  We may have the urge to throw caution to the wind and purchase ​something way beyond our affordability, or sleep with that unavailable man, or eat 2 pizzas in a setting, or dance a jig during a math test .... but we don't, we "push down" those urges so we don't "break the rules", hurt other peoples feelings ...  so we don't do something inappropriate. Right?

Kinda the right thing to do, but, our 2nd chakra doesn't usually get blocked as a​ discriminating adult.

It gets blocked during childhood when we are learning what appropriate and inappropriate behaviors are.   Like, don't eat with your mouth full, or, do your homework before you play, or say please and thank you, or, do your chores first, or get good grades first, or don't yell, run or sing in the house, or ... you get the point.

Walking Ghost Syndrome starts to happen during these early learning years when burning desires and needs to run and play and be recognized for the VALUABLE cherished ENJOYABLE little being you were did not get met in the ways YOU needed them.

I'm talking about the deep needs to be recognized, accepted to feel valuable and deserving as the true authentic you, not a more appropriate you​.  ​The need to feel entitled to receive and be enjoyed as YOURSELF, not a robot of who you are "supposed" to be.  ​

Maybe there were too many rules, maybe parents were unable or unwilling to meet those ​needs for some reason, and the child eventually gave up tying to get them met, and shut down those deepest needs and desires ​to avoid feeling abandoned, punished, disappointed or let down.   A very sad story. 

​But, just because we shut down, squash, hide, deny our deepest needs, it doesn't mean they go away.  That life force energy is there being held down and squashed by YOU.

​It takes energy to hold down those urges and we hold them down, keep ourselfs in check with our inner critic, our inner judge.  Energy we could be using to create a better business, create happiness and success on our terms. 

But our deepest needs and desires ​were mena to come out and be expressed!  To dance like no one is watching, to sing like no one is listening, to succeed and be happy like you deserve it!  

​As an adult our inner judge continues the restrictions learned as a child, ​and continues to shut down inappropriate wild child behaviors, AND ​the flow of life force energy slows to a trickle or less....  And Walking Ghost Syndrome becomes a part of how we live. 

​So, instead of a wide bore flow of passion, aliveness, anger and rage, we walk around with a diminished flow of energy, to get thru the day ... safely and appropriately.  And sometimes our natural wild child nature escapes for a little bit.... and we over shop, over eat, over drink, or secretly do "inappropriate" things anyhow..... (our shadow sides show)

​The flow of 2nd chakra life force energy ​contains the strength to be vulnerable, to get our deepest needs and desired met, to receive with joy and gratefulness, to own your power and the sensual experiences of the world of enjoying other people, your sexual energy your rage and anger ... if you push down and deny any piece of these energies, you are living half a life and saying to the universe: "I'm not going to experience that"  "That is not OK, that is NOT acceptable"

​Walking Ghost Syndrome can shut down passion for your business, ​ block you ability to receive​ with pleasure and delight, and preven you from serving others with a full, open heart ... which are HUGE blocks to serving more people and making more profits .... "THIS IS A HUGE MONEY BLOCK!"

​So, how does one handle these raw life force energies ... some of which are still NOT appropriate as an adult?  Well, you honor, love accept and forgive yourself  that you have them, and honor that even though you have them, you don't have to express them.  

What you DON'T want to do is hide them and push them down. This is because even though you deny they are there, they are and then you've got to spend energy hiding them, lying to yourself and to others.... and they show up anyhow somehow some way.

And shutting down your feeling IS NOT a victimless crime ... it hurts you because it shuts down your life force energy and prevents your passion, your drive, your aliveness from expressing... and you become a Walking Ghost.

​Carolyn Myss, Depak Chopra, Debbie ford have taught us that almost​ all of anyone's "issues" lay in the first and second chakra.  That is why every single program or 1-1 services I offer do a lot of clearing and reprogramming in the lower 4 chakras especially the 1st and 2nd.  

​Feel free to reach out to me ​for a complementary clarity call, where we spend 1-1 provate time together, diagnosing YOUR specific blocks that create "Walking Ghost Syndrome" 

Just fill out the application on the "work with me page" on this site.  Please be serious about wanting to work with me.

Sending Love and Light,

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Grace Mosgeller

Grace Mosgeller loves to guide ambitious, heart centered entrepreneurs ​embrace a Mindset of Wealth and systematically "pluck out" the ROOT causes of self sabotaging behaviors. On the otherside of any of her programs or 1-1 transformation packages is the FREEDOM to MAKE< KEEP & ENJOY more money & success. Having overcome major "blocks to success" herself, she uses her 20 years of spiritual coaching and healing expertise to help everyday business owners master their money story and step more fully into a balanced life of abundance, enlightenment and thriving.

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