Why Become Conscious & Mindful?


Becoming conscious is for those that want to change their unhappy, unsuccessful situations, those that want an extraordinary life, those that just want to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over ....

Being conscious is the beginning of the way out.

I like to use this formula:

BETTER SITUATIONS = positive consciousness + law of attraction + massive action.

In a nutshell, YOUR ABILITY TO MANIFEST is directly related to how your conscious and unconscious belief system (& resulting emotions) interacts with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract to yourself MORE situations that match what you are feeling. You are ALWAYS a magnet for what you feel about what is going on around you. GOOD or BAD.

If you are feeling in your power ... happy, unstoppable, uplifted, joyous, safe, relaxed ... these feelings lines signal the universe to send you MORE circumstances to make you feel in your power.

If you are feeling in your "defense" ... fearful, sad, stupid, poor me, angry, self critical, can't forgive yourself, shameful, "spinning in your head", isolating yourself, ... these feelings via the Law of Attraction line up MORE circumstances to have you feel down, depressed, frustrated, angry.

The "stories" can be different ... work, romance, friendships, money, but HOW you FEEL is the common thread in your experiences.

Every moment you spend in your "defense" = more moments that feel like that.

Every moment you spend in your "power"= more moments that feel like that.

So when you want to change an unwanted circumstance, the question becomes, how many moments are you in your defensive state and how many moments are you feeling in your power?

Say you go from feeling "In Your Power" from:
~ 1/month to 1/week
~ from 1/week to 1/day
~from 1/day to many times a day....

How would your circumstances change? yes, you are right ... they would definitely change for the better and fairly quickly.

(That is why it is SOOOOO important to celebrate your successes! Celebrations can be as simple as an out loud "wooooo hoooooo" or "wowzaaaaa!!!")

And becoming conscious is the ONLY way to notice:
~ what you REALLY want ( not what you don't want)
~ how you think and feel about a circumstance ( conscious or unconsciously)

If you NOTICE that you are feeling bad, and in your "defense" and you are DONE feeling that way, then you will want to HEAL THE REASONS WHY you are feeling bad

... before you take massive action to change your situation.... otherwise, you will just experience .... more of the same....

Being conscious and healing the reasons for your defenses .....this is how you love yourself and believe it.

If you are ready to stop feeling stuck, frustrated, and unhappy with your circumstances ... with money, marketing or success ....

Feel free to ​set up a NO CHARGE TO YOU Clarity Call.  Together we'll spend an hour getting laser clear about your goals, diagnose the exact obstacles in your way and make a plan to clear them.  The call is recorded, so you can have access to the amazing "ahaaaaa" awarenesses I guarentee you'll experience.   http://bit.ly/2lzsK2l

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Grace Mosgeller

Grace Mosgeller loves to guide ambitious, heart centered entrepreneurs ​embrace a Mindset of Wealth and systematically "pluck out" the ROOT causes of self sabotaging behaviors. On the otherside of any of her programs or 1-1 transformation packages is the FREEDOM to MAKE< KEEP & ENJOY more money & success. Having overcome major "blocks to success" herself, she uses her 20 years of spiritual coaching and healing expertise to help everyday business owners master their money story and step more fully into a balanced life of abundance, enlightenment and thriving.

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