Healing Past Mistakes … with your kids

A mother's love TRULY is forever...

We all WANTED to be the perfect mom, and some of us were really close to being perfect, but, the TRUTH is, we don't live in a world where ANYTHING is perfect .... especially relationships.

As a single mom, I truly struggled ... and there were times I was definitely not a perfect mom.... I had my own issues, fears, insecurities and "inner demons".

In fact, my entire drive and motivation behind my personal path of spiritual healing comes from NOT wanting to hurt my kids more than I already had.

I wanted to forgive myself for being a "bad mom" but I just could not. I truly believed that I should NEVER of been made a mom ... but I was.

I knew that when I could forgive my past parenting mistakes that healing would FREE ME of co-dependence and FREE my kids ... to live their life without me energetically reminding them constantly of their "wounds".

But I could not. How I parented them was unforgivable. I just could not forgive that.

Ya, I knew I did the best I could given all the ingredients of my past and present situations..... but I was still struggling forgiving my parents for doing their best, and how they unknowingly "wounded me" deeply.

It was not until I finally was able to COMPLETELY forgive them, that I found a "sliver" of self compassion for me and my parenting skills.

That "sliver" of self compassion PLUS my willingness to forgive myself so my kids could be free was the magic ingredient to forgive myself for horrible parenting mistakes.

Which has opened up NEW levels of love, honor and acceptance between us.

BUT, they were wounded by me ... and I can see how that wounding is limiting them in their early adult years. And they are NOT open to even looking at an emotion ... they are young men, out on their own and do not want MOM's "woo woo" energy tactics to wreck their macho game : )

A few days ago, a Spiritual Friend of mine shared with me this simple prayer that has been used to "heal" the emotional wounding of locked up "insane" people. She told me that a Priest used this prayer for them, and, 1 by 1, they "healed" and were released to live freely in society.

That prayer is so simple, I'd love to share it with you:

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love you. "

I just learned this prayer this week, and have been energetically connecting with my kids as I say this prayer for them.

Have not seen any results yet, but I do KNOW that this prayer automatically connects me to that Divine- Bliss feeling of knowing ... so I know for sure that it ...

... can't hurt them, and probably will help them.

Sending Love & Light to you and your family.


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Grace Mosgeller

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