The Hidden Costs of Comfort

COMFORT: I love the feeling of safety. Wrapping myself in a blanket and taking a nap, or watching a good movie.

I love the feeling of staying safe when it comes to "putting myself out there" ... so much better than risking rejection.

~ I stayed safe after my divorce and waited for the "perfect" man to find me amazing ... for 15 years.
~ I stayed safe with my brick and mortar biz never went to networking events ... and struggled to make ends meet.
~ I stayed safe at my J O B and let others, less qualified get a head instead of advocating for myself.
~ I stayed safe in relationships and let others just walk all over me... I let their desires & opinions be more important than mine.
~ I stayed safe waiting for me, "to be perfect" BEFORE I "put myself out there.

I KNEW I was protecting myself far too much. I KNEW I ​had the tools, skills and wisdom to transform lives from OK to AMAZING, to transform businesses from UNNOTICED to IMPACTFUL
but I was STUCK ... in the feeling of comfort.

I did not want to risk REJECTION, I did not want to "rock the boat", I did not want to make others feel bad about themselves.... so I just felt bad about me... (talk about taking one for the team)

And so, as the years went by, I just stayed safe and "took" the lumps of sadness, and feeling bad about myself , that playing safe all the time offers.

I felt really COMFORTABLE... but I also felt unnoticed, misunderstood, less than, very ALONE, and I silently accepted whatever "crumbs" of ​customers, and income came my way.

Until the day I said, "Enough!!!" I'm tired of being alone, I'm tired of putting myself last", "I'm tired of financial stress", I'm tired of NOT MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!"

Until the day I said ... "I AM enough, just as I am! I deserve better!"
Until the day I finally OWNED my good ... and the things about me I was ashamed of.
Until the day I said .... I am just as good as, if not better than others who have what I want.....

That was when MY PERSONAL costs of staying comfortable was MORE painful than the discomfort of 'putting myself out there'.

That was the mindset that got me "growing personally" and out of my comfort zone. Yep, growth is uncomfortable.... but OH, Sooooo worth it!

Here's a secret not many really talk about ... on the other side of personal growth is the Golden Gift of feeling totally comfortable and ​WEALTHY ... In Mind, Money & Spirit.  

The other side of personal growth ​are ​GREATER FEELINGS of confidence, graditude, self worth and deservingness ... where you FEEL COMFORTABLE being the successful woman who creates ​an even bigger biz of meaning and impact ​ that you've always dreamed ​would be fulling, fun and financially lucrative.

IRONIC, right?

... ​And you get to become MORE: more magnetic, more confident & charismatic, more happy & abundant, more loving, more giving, and you get to HAVE and EXPERIENCE those things that you TRULY want... the relationship, the biz or career, the wealth, the things that paint the collage of YOUR happy life.

... yep a doodle, personal growth can be uncomfortable,, but the inside feelings of COMFORT, of HAPPINESS, of PEACE feel FAR MORE safe, than waiting for the outside world to change to accommodate our tender egos.

So, if you have had ENOUGH and you want to ​STERP UP and create that bigger vision of impact and meaning you want for your biz ... go ahead and step out of your comfort zone and set up a clarity call with me.

Together we will spend an hour ​diagnosing what specific blocks to money and success are in your way and make a plan to clear them 

Will you be uncomfortable?

Probably, actually, you will be.

But, what is the cost to YOU, your family, your future, and the impact that would really delight you .....  if you continue to stay safe?

Here's a link to an application to work with me. The application is really a questionnaire that gives BOTH of us insight about what your want. It gets both of us clear about YOU, and saves time on the call, so we can really ​dig into what is holding you back.


I'd love a personal connection with you, so swing out and take advantage of a clarity call with me. Can't hurt, probably will help.

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Grace Mosgeller

Grace Mosgeller loves to guide ambitious, heart centered entrepreneurs ​embrace a Mindset of Wealth and systematically "pluck out" the ROOT causes of self sabotaging behaviors. On the otherside of any of her programs or 1-1 transformation packages is the FREEDOM to MAKE< KEEP & ENJOY more money & success. Having overcome major "blocks to success" herself, she uses her 20 years of spiritual coaching and healing expertise to help everyday business owners master their money story and step more fully into a balanced life of abundance, enlightenment and thriving.

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