How to Receive & Enjoy to Get Ahead

There is an art to receiving things gracefully and with joy. Receiving with grace & joy is an integral part of building your biz.

But, often one of our mainstay beliefs, “It is better to give than to receive” gets in the way.

Lets look at this a little closer.

When we give from a full heart, that always replenishes and sustains (from conscious self love and care), we experience great joy.

When we give from an empty space that needs recognition, we get exhausted, we feel resentful, like a victim that “has to” and can lead to financial distress if not addressed…..but I digress from this particular message.

Receiving…when it is hard to receive, we are gonna repel away all the gifts we have been asking for … kinda a sabotage thing, yes?

The Art of Receiving plays A HUGE role when it comes to manifesting your dreams and desires.

What if you could look at receiving as a gift you give to the gifter? ( the person giving to you)

Think about it.  When you give a gift you feel great about it… especially when the receiver lights up with joy and gratefulness.

That is your gift back…the joy the other person received because of something you have done or given to them.

When someone (or the universe) gives you a gift and you feel bad, or non deserving, or can’t feel good about accepting it …without having to give back … the joy cycle stops and you rob the giver of the joy of giving…

Giving & Receiving is Yin and Yang in Action a very natural motion of the universe. Who are we to stop to interrupt that flow?

We’ve all be taught to not only to give material and monetary gifts, but also to give time, support, and our skills.

Not many of us were ever taught how to receive.

~ Not a compliment: we become masters at countering any comment with insight about all our faults.

~ Not a gift: we immediately feel the need to give something in return, preferably bigger.

~ Not a kindness; We wave people away from helping us in a grocery line, no matter that we are dropping our purchases as we say we are OK and don’t need help.

~ Not Money: we immediately discount ourselves push it away for fear we are “taking too much”.

… if you are wired this way, it becomes REALLY hard to be paid for the VALUE you provide.

There are a few ways to feel GREAT and comfortable about receiving with joy.

The simplest is to go slowly, one baby step at a time.

~ As you Receive payments, remind yourself how much VALUE you gave… how your product, program or service will improve their biz or their life, and what it took for you to be able to provide that value for them….the training, degrees and certifications you hold, the unique skills you have, the time, money and focus you have put in along the way to get you where you  are NOW with your biz.

~ Money is an energy exchange, remember you are an entrepreneur, not an employee… you definitely are NOT being paid by the hour, you are being paid because of the VALUE you offer that changes, and saves lives.  Connecting with the profound VALUE your provide for your customers makes it easier to charge as an entrepreneur, not as if you were working for a guaranteed hourly wage.

~ Receive gifts and compliments with a simple “thank you,” even if inside you are discounting the words.

~ Let compliments sink in and fill empty spaces with a flow of pleasure.

Let others have the fun of giving.

And ultimately, this is how we can give more easily: by learning to refill our needs through receiving and be within the yin /yang flow of the universe.

This is how you go with the flow

This is a mutually beneficial way to love yourself and others by stepping into the flow of receiving what is given ..

That is the core mindset around the ability to receive with Joy.
Here is a list of mindset reminders to help you as you develop this very necessary skill to loving yourself

1. To begin, accept the basic premise that you are enough.
That before you give a thing, before you receive anything, you are enough just standing here. The act of giving or receiving doesn’t change this at all.

2. Make room in your life for receiving.
This includes being aware of all the ways you can receive, including payment, whether it is accepting kind words or a stranger’s smile, or being let into the stream of traffic.

Know that as you receive, you are becoming more comfortable with the art of receiving. Stay conscious of how your receiving empowers those who are giving to you.  Think of how good you let your customers feel, by letting them RETURN to you the great value you just delivered for them.

3. Relax into the feeling of receiving.
Becoming okay with the feeling of openness that is necessary to truly receive.  As you receive, honor all feelings that show, and tell yourself, I deserve this, I allow this open space to be available to receive.

4. Remind yourself that this is fun and joyful.
There’s no reason not to join in the fun!


Then It is time to look at your Core Programming.

Receiving involves vulnerability and that can feel really scary.

Give feels like an action word; receive feels like something passive

When we give we feel in control. When we receive, we feel less and really vulnerable.

The ability to be vulnerable is NECESSARY to be able to receive.

If it feels feels more comfortable to do everything yourself, and it feels yucky to receive, most likely your are holding a vow to NEVER be vulnerable… meaning you would NEVER let someone in enough to hurt you. That you NEVER let someone help you that you would NEVER have needs, that you would just DO IT ALL YOURSELF!

If you have programing at your core to not be vulnerable and receive, you’ll find it really hard to receive full payment for your products, programs or serves without feeling guilty.

So, the question becomes how to you heal and these beliefs?
That is covered in my  The Art of Loving Yourself to a 6 Figure Biz Program.
Find out more

Until then,
Comment below any ah haa’s you felt from this post. And how you plan to
let yourself become a better receiver!


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