How to Declutter and Re-Focus

Your Environment Expresses YOU.

“Letting go is even more important than adding”
De-cluttering is a way to energetically allow space AND focus for what you are wanting to manifest

De-cluttering is a way to love yourself … because as you declutter, you let go of what no longer serves you and leaves only that which pleases you. What surrounds you is a reflection of who you are NOW and where you are going.

Because you have DEFINED for yourself exactly what you want in the Clarity Process I lead you through in an earlier post, letting go of all that does not support what you want will allow room and focus for more of what you do want`

De-cluttering opens the door for more. If your hands or ‘cup’ are full, you don’t have space for anything new that you want. De-cluttering “makes space” and allows focus for your manifestation to appear.

This process works and is true for things, people, money, time, business projects, relationships, bad feelings, beliefs that don’t support you …

This part of the Manifesting Process I am sharing with you is aimed at decluttering your mind (not your emotions yet) and all the spaces you spend time in.

De-clutter Your Mind First
Set aside at least an hour of quiet uninterrupted time, maybe more depending …with
the intention to “Clear out Your mind” of everything that is running through your brain so you can focus and appreciate everything that supports your business goals. ”

In this step we will not focus on emotions so much, but will focus on the chores , responsibilities and “other to do’s that are on your plate currently.

Step1: Set aside some quiet uninterrupted time

Step 2: Nurture your space…get a special notebook and a pen that you love to write with, light a candle, have your favorite non alcoholic beverage, ( well maybe 1 drink if you feel it will loosen you up a bit but sane and sober is better … for me at least.)

Step 3: Call on the Divine. I like to say: “I call my Angels, the Divine Spirit of God and all helpers of the Divine to guide and assist me to : “Clear out my mind” of everything that is running through my brain so I can focus on whats important to my biz and allow good things to come my way.” The point is to call in higher power energy to help you out.

Step 4: State your intention: “I intend to declutter and clear my mind of all my “to-do’s,“the work and personal projects I want or need to complete: the things I need to buy, the places I need to go to or want to go to etc.

Step 5: “Stack Dump” everything that comes up for you in your special notebook. Write it all out. all of your biz and personal TO_DO”S the chores, the responsibilities, the “want to do’s” … For at home, for at work or in your biz, for your kids, your partner, your family and friends, organizations…everything.

To be sure you get as much as possible, every time you think you are done writing out this list, ask yourself “Is there anything more?”

Step 6: Go thru and “declutter” what you wrote down by using the filter you created for what you want in your life when you want through the clarity process in the first step.

As you “filter” your life this way, your life becomes simpler, easier with a lot

less chance for overwhelm and frustration.

Start by marking off what is totally UNNECESSARY to you now that you have gotten clear on what you REALLY WANT … and just let go of them … they no longer serve you and are in the way of what you want. Ask yourself, “Will this action, this responsibility, this chore get me closer to the goals I have for myself, my income or my career?”

Then check off what you can delegate away…

Pick out the items that bring you joy

Pick out the items that you want to focus on but can not quite yet ( we’ll label this “moving toward items”)

Pick out the items that you MUST DO but don’t really want to do

Step 7:
Make a new list in this order:
1)What actions or projects will actually get me ahead so I can meet my goals?

2)What MUST I do but don’t really want to (for me this is taxes, and getting my hair done every 3 weeks)

3)What you are going to delegate out

4) “Moving Forward Items”

Step 8 : Re-frame the “must do but don’t want to” items to something more positive:

Here’s how: Ask: “How could I look at figuring my taxes in a way that makes me feel good?” “could I delegate this chore?” “Could I focus on how great I’ll feel when I can actually see how much more money I made this year?”

The point is to shift your mindset from, drudgery to something positive

Now you have a nice clean mindset to focus on and filter new incoming choices through. .
When you do this as a habit, your biz becomes simpler, easier with a lot less chance for overwhelm and frustration.

Then De-clutter your Home, Your Office, Your Car … Anywhere You Spend Time.

Everything we experience is a reflection of our mind set and shows up in the physical.

Our mindset is reflected in what we surround our self with and what our “clutter” is all about.

How we dress, what’s in our bedrooms, kitchens, closets, our drawers, our living rooms, offices, automobiles …it’s all a reflection of what is on our minds.

When you de-clutter it is important to filter so that what we choose to leave reflects what we enjoy, what we love and what is important to us.

If you want to feel less scattered and overwhelmed: de-clutter unnecessary items and leave only items that call to you. That you enjoy, that make you smile.

If you want more customers and a bigger income: de-clutter and let go of reminders of past business mistakes, poor money choices.

If you want more financial abundance: repair anything that is broken, and replace anything that is missing… like light bulbs, windows, doorways.

If you want more intimacy and passion in your love life: soften your bedroom and make it a sanctuary.  Feng Shui experts recommend only items necessary for sleep and sex in your bedroom.

That means NO TV’s, only pics of you and your love, or pics of lovers, 2 bedside tables, 2 lamps on the bedside tables (for partnership) there’s more of course

… refer to Feng Shui books for more ideas.

If you want better health: clean refrigerators and kitchen cupboards, fill them with only delicious, healthy foods. choose colors and placement of objects the Feng Shui experts recommend

This is the best de-cluttering book I’ve come across because not only does it tell you why de-cluttering is such an important component of loving yourself, she describes how to declutter so you’ll never replace that clutter with unnecessary crap again.
Kondo, Marie (2014-10-14). The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

As always,
Sending Love and Light to You and Your Family,

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Sharon S Burgess

I really needed this message and have already started de-cluttering my home. I now have a space designated for me and God.

Thank you Grace! Sending you love and light.

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