The Power Of Emotional Anchoring

Emotional Anchoring
When done with a conscious positive purpose, anchoring will help you to “Anchor in or Lock in” positive feelings and then recall them on demand. Anchoring is a core tool of NLP
(Neruo Linguistic Programing)

This comes in REALLY handy when you are wanting to manifest something …

Because it is HOW YOU FEEL about what you are manifesting that either brings it to you like the opposite ends of a magnet attract, or shuns it away … like the repel-ing poles of like magnets.

A mindset that FEELS great about your desire attracts
A mindset that is conflicted, or feels BAD about your desire repels.
Anchoring is another amazing tool that helps you to love yourself so you can access your “Power Emotions” on demand.   It keeps you more focused on the positive and as a result melts away conflicting, bad feelings.

When you have access to ‘On Demand” pleasurable feelings, you’ll automatically supercharge your manifesting powers. Because you will be able to visualize your desire at the same time you feel a powerfully great emotion…joy, pleasure, satisfaction, safety, fun, excitement….

We do emotional anchors all the time unintentionally in our own lives. For example, a big yellow M is an anchor that reminds us off either cheap, un- food, or for some, reminds us of a good-value and tasty meal. When you walk into a home that smells like apple pie, and you have a past memory of great apple pie experiences, you’ll feel good as you remember that happy time.

Here’s how to use emotional anchoring to supercharge the good feelings of you manifesting

I recommend to anchor in these feel good feelings so you have instant emotional access to them during your day, AND for the purposes of manifestation, when you are visualizing and thinking about your goal(s)


So, here’s the process:
Step 1: Pick a memory with strong feelings attached to it. If you want to anchor “excitement”, then choose a time when you were feeling truly excited. If you want to anchor “fun”, then pick a memory of when you were having tons of fun. Simple!

If you believe you’ve never felt fun or excitement or any feeling you want to experience before, you can anchor the feeling by remembering someone you know was experiencing fun and excitement. When you amplify what you feel they are feeling in your minds eye, your brain does not know the difference.

Step 2: Amplify the memory by asking yourself, “what were you doing when you were feeling fun or excitement” ( or feeling happiness, confidence, safety ) “How did you stand when you were feeling fun or excitement?” What did you say to yourself when you were feeling fun or excitement?” What was your mouth doing? What was your body doing? What were you seeing, what were you hearing or experiencing?… the point is to feel the memory as if it was happening again…right now..

Amplify the memory more, by making the memory brighter, the picture in your minds eye brighter….

Step 3: Anchor the feeling by creating your own physical “trigger”. This should be very simple and easy to do in any moment.. You could rub or pinch two fingers together, or rubbing an earlobe.

You can make a fist or, tap yourself on the shoulder. The important part is to be sure you are feeling the feeling you want to “anchor’ in is at its peak AT THE SAME TIME you create your anchor with the physical “trigger”

Step 4: It is even more powerful to “stack” several memories of feeling fun or excitement (or whatever emotion you’d like to recall on demand) into the same physical anchor.

Step 5: Test! By doing something else unrelated for 30 seconds or so (just to take your mind off this). After that, test your anchor by firing off your trigger. If it has worked, you’ll feel the same strong feelings as you did in the memory!

So, now that you know how to make the trigger, then the next step is to “fire off the trigger” every time you:
~ think about
~ feel about
~ visualize
~ talk about
… What you want to manifest.

This is particularly powerful when you fire off this trigger when you are reading and feeling your “allowing statement”. How to write an “Allowing Statement” click HERE

Until then,
Happy Day!
Sometimes no matter what you have done to remove doubt, and your desire is not showing up, your unconscious will have conflicting beliefs…. this is where learning how to “Self Heal” these unconscious beliefs comes into play.

You can learn how to “Self Heal” in my Self Healing Handbook that will be available Early February 2017

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