How Your Belief System is Shaped

“If you think you can, you can,… If you think you can’t you cant”.

Henry Ford

If you haven’t been able to manifest dreams and goals really important to you, your mind set is probably in the way.

What you believe about yourself: what you can or can not do, who you need to be or not, how much love, money, pleasure you can have and enjoy,  how much you are valued, listened to, how vulnerable you allow yourself to be,  what you say to yourself are all reflections of your personal mind set programming,  or your belief system … and they are stored in your belief system… and 90% of your beliefs are unconscious!!!!!

The good news is … if your programming keeps you lonely, struggling, financially poor and in debt, lacking in self confidence, full of self sabotage, full of anxiety, or sadness … you can turn your belief system around.

You can lift depression, triple your confidence, and become a magnet for the good things in life like attracting a happy romantic relationship or deepening with the one you have, or meeting your business goals and serving on a much larger scale,  meeting and exceeding your lofty income goals;  you can become a powerful conscious creator, by healing your mind set.  You can do this systematically addressing your core issues.

This is because core beliefs about yourself are systematically embedded unsonsciously during your childhood as you experienced specific memories and incidences along the way.

Some memories and incidences were based in love and very empowering for you, and some incidences were traumatic from tiny little traumas  to really big traumas.

Whatever your experiences during your childhood, you DECIDED for yourself what they meant about who you are, what you are capable of or not, what you deserve or not and how safe it is for you to be in the world and then stored that programming in your belief system.

If you felt loved, deserving and accepted, your core mind set beliefs  allow you to experience more of that .. love acceptance and abundance

If you felt traumas during your earliest years, where you felt fear, neglect, or being unloved,  the tiny human that you were did not know what really was happening to you or how to process those traumas.

You knew those “traumas” threatened your safety so you set up a personal self defense system deeply in your unconscious to protect you from feeling the effects of those traumas again.

This self defense system is very very strong. It is like having an unmovable, un-penetrable wall enforced with a super will power to protect you from re-living the traumas of your past.

This self defense system gets “triggered” or activated when ever an experience that looks similar to the traumas of our youth happen in present time.

Subconsciously, this self defense system lives in our Mindset warning us to, “hey, watch out”, “don’t do that again, that was really traumatic and scary.. remember what happened last time?”

This way of coping with the traumas … the “fears”  of your child hood worked wonderfully to protect you then. But, because they were set up from a mind set of fear … they block your natural flow of energy in real time and keep you stuck repeating the same defenses you so needed when you were younger.

This means the decisions you made for yourself as a child under the age of 10

are running your beliefs and behavior patterns as an ADULT!!!!

So, the struggles, the fears, the self sabotage and procrastination… are symptoms to protect your from Childhood traumas. Your belief programming is WAY outdated, you are an adult now.. do you really want your child beliefs running your adult life and biz?

The only way to melt these “ triggers” is to heal them from a mind set of self love.

These triggers happen all day long and can range from feeling slightly anxious, to down right terrified. Or, maybe we don’t even feel those feelings, instead we “cope” or

avoid feeling those feeling with some form of distractions:

  • Avoidance
  • Procrastination
  • Overwhelm
  • Self Sabotage Behaviors
  • Feeling stuck
  • In many cases you are not able to make your dreams and goals come true.  You become discouraged and begin to settle for less.
  • You may even decide that perhaps you were not meant to have what you’ve always wanted.

Magic happens when you remove these self-imposed boundaries by loving yourself at the core  deepest levels of your unconscious belief system .

When you heal your self defensive negative beliefs about yourself with a loving mindset, your health and energy levels improves, you become happier, more connected and authentic in all relationships, you are able to work your business, meet your goals and attract more financial abundance,  and ENJOY IT!.   When you up your Inner Game, overwhelming troubles melt away.


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Grace Mosgeller

Grace Mosgeller loves to guide ambitious, heart centered entrepreneurs ​embrace a Mindset of Wealth and systematically "pluck out" the ROOT causes of self sabotaging behaviors. On the otherside of any of her programs or 1-1 transformation packages is the FREEDOM to MAKE< KEEP & ENJOY more money & success. Having overcome major "blocks to success" herself, she uses her 20 years of spiritual coaching and healing expertise to help everyday business owners master their money story and step more fully into a balanced life of abundance, enlightenment and thriving.

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