5 Steps to Clear Negative Beliefs

Ok, so, you know you want to shift limiting beliefs that are thwarting your progress towards reaching your most important dreams and goals.

Maybe you feel anxious or depressed and that keeps you from taking action towards your goals

Maybe you self sabotage yourself somehow .. by avoiding, procrastinating, never asking for help, or turn down great opportunities.

Maybe you always strive and never quite arrive to experience your most important dreams and goals.

Maybe you feel really uncomfortable receiving exactly what you want … lots of customers or large amounts of money

Maybe you all you see are obstacles and never try

Maybe you always settle for crumbs because what you really want never seems to show up

Getting what you want always begins with a clear goal. It is a great start to get really clear and write down your dreams, connect with the good feelings around those goals and take action towards making them happen.

But, if you don’t dig deeper, its unlikely they’ll happen as quickly and completely as I am sure you’d like them to.

If your mind set is not in full alignment, consciously and subconsciously, with your dreams and goals to begin with, you never be able to reach them.  

You’ll need to dig deeper and address your “what if’s” and “ buts..” your mind set has set up.

You’ll need to clear any fears, angers, guilt or shame that live at your core deepest levels and are hidden from your awareness.

When you do that, you get out of your own way and can make things happen without those patterns of self-sabotage that are all too familiar.

I first learned and was certified in emotional Freedom Technique in the mid 90’s.  During my own self love journey EFT + NLP + Inner Child Work were the main techniques I used to heal my self and my clients.

Tapping is the most powerful and the easiest way to identify and clear  unconscious programming that holds you back from your dreams and goals.

I have found that using EFT is so powerfully simple, that  anyone can learn and benefit from using EFT.  If you’re new to Tapping, take a moment to read about the basics of EFT Tapping and how to use it. here

Here’s a process with tapping to help you.

Remember, the more issues you address around all aspects of your goals, the better your results will be!  I recommend you  work on one goal or issue a day for 30 days and watch the miracles happen!

Step 1: Write down a specific dream or goal you want.

You can make this a specific goal like:  I want to earn $240,000.

Or vision like: I’d like to create an online business that changes lives with my unique collection of skills.

It is important to use your own language … since you’ll be talking to your inner self. So, don’t worry about wording it right.  Whatever language your minds comes up with first, that’s the right language.  

But its REALLY Important to write it down.

Step 2: Write down your immediate feelings  when you read your goal and then keep your notes handy.

How does your body FEEL?  If you can’t find words to describe your feelings,  icky or yucky works really well.

Do you feel 100% in alignment with the goal you wrote down?

How do you feel when you are reading it?

For example, you might feel and write down, “I feel scared when I read this, I’m excited, I’m feeling guilty, or I’m feeling like this is really not possible …” Or, “I can’t breathe when I read this goal.”

Be specific about what you feel or remember and give every feeling a 0-10 rating.

So if you’re feeling scared as you read the goal, write down, “I’m feeling scared” and then put a number of its intensity next to it.  “9” for example.

Write down as many emotions or feelings that you are aware of.  Be as specific as possible.

Do you feel tension in your chest?  Write that down.

Are you slightly nauseous?  Write that down.

Do your feel pain anywhere in your body?  Write that down.

Step 3: Write down what other people would say about your goal if you shared it with them.

Friends, family members, society, co-workers, etc.

Whatever pops in your head first, write that down.

So if you think about sharing your goal with your dad, and you picture him saying, “That idea is impossible for you …no one will want what you are selling ” then write that down, PLUS how you FEEL about his thoughts.

Be specific and give it a number of intensity, as described above.

Step 4: Write down YOUR beliefs about the goal.

For example, “Part of me thinks this is impossible… I’ve never been able to do this before… Who am I to think I can achieve this…?”

Note the feelings this brings up and write those down as well.

Be specific and assign them a number of emotional intensity on a scale of 1-10, where 10 feels really intense, and 0 feels really calm

Step 5: Tap Out Resistance and Tap In Empowerment Using EFT: positive feelings, expectations, permission.

Go through each item that brought up an emotional response, and tap through the points until you bring the feelings around it down to “0” or a low number.

Notice anything else that comes up through the process and write them down and tap on them after you tap on this part. .

Most people need  a few sessions to clear these issues, so take your time with it.

When you have tapped through all the issues (and make sure to watch for more hidden issues that come up as you tap), you’ve then cleared the way for your goal to become a reality!

Tapping Recipe Example

Because wanting significant more amounts of money triggers resistance for most people and is related to  issues around survival & deservingness, I’m using a large income goal as an example.  

The following responses I’ve entered for this example are typical from my own mind set and from others I have coached over the years.  They are an example so you can see how this process works.  When you do this seriously for yourself, you’ll want to tap on your own feelings and beliefs that come up.

First:  Write down the Goal:  example:  I want to earn $240,000 a year

Then: Ask, How do I FEEL?

Looking at this, I get a little anxious.  There’s a tightness in my chest and I’m feeling pressure around making this work.  When I close my eyes, I feel this tightness feeling at a 8.

When I ask myself what this feeling is, it’s fear I’m doing something wrong.  I’m going to do some tapping on this now.

Start EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Karate Chop: Even though I have this tightness in my chest, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.

Karate Chop: Even though I have this tightness in my chest about making $200,000, I choose to relax that tightness now.

Karate Chop: Even though I feel really uncomfortable in my body when I look at this goal, I deeply love, accept and completely forgive myself.

Eyebrow: This tightness in my chest

Side of Eye: I’m feeling anxious like I’m doing something wrong

Under Eye: This tightness in my chest

Under Nose: It feels hard to breathe

Under Mouth: I feel pressure around making this work

Collarbone: I feel this anxiety in my chest

Under Arm: All this anxiety

Top of Head: All this tightness in my chest

Keep on tapping the meridian points as you acknowledge and feel whatever comes up for your until you calm your emotions down enough to find some relief and feel ready to move on to the positive.


Eyebrow: I chose to relax now

Side of Eye: And release this tightness in my chest

Under Eye: I let it all go

Under Nose: This tightness in my chest

Under Mouth: All this anxiety

Collarbone: Releases now

Under Arm: All this fear about making $200,000 a year

Top of Head: Releases now

Eyebrow: I chose to feel safe about making $200,00 a year

Side of Eye: It is safe to release this tightness in my chest

Under Eye: It is safe to let it all go

Under Nose: This tightness in my chest

Under Mouth: All this anxiety

Collarbone: Is releasing now

Under Arm: All this fear about making $240,000 a year

Top of Head: Is releasing now

Keep tapping on what ever comes up for you until you feel charge neutral, until the tightness in your chest is gone when you think about earning  $240,000 per year.

Next: Write down what other people would say about your Goal if you shared it with them

Imagine yourself telling your  family you wanted to make $240,000 a year … do they laugh at you and tell you I could not do it. Would they say I don’t have what it takes.   Would they  tell me I was being greedy. … Imagine what they would be saying to you and write that done.

When I think about telling my family I just feel guilty and not confident at all.  I feel small because I can feel them judging me  This feeling is at an 9

Karate Chop: Even though way down deep inside I feel guilty about telling my family about my goal, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.

Karate Chop: Even though part of me does not want my family to know my goal, I don’t want them to know my goal, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive  myself.

Karate Chop: Even though I know they’ll judge me if I tell them my goal, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.

Eyebrow: I don’t want to tell my family

Side of Eye: When I think about telling them, it makes me feel sheepish and guilty

Under Eye: This feeling of being sheepish, guilty  and wrong

Under Nose: I’m worried that they’ll judge me and turn their backs on me

Under Mouth: I’m worried they won’t like me,

Collarbone: I’m worried about what my family will think

Under Arm: If I tell them my goal

Top of Head: Or if I achieve my goal!

Keep on tapping on whatever negative feelings comes up until you bring them down enough to a feeling of relief or peace and feel ready to move to the positive


Eyebrow: It is safe to release this feeling of being small and feeling sheepish

Side of Eye: I have the right to feel confident and deserving

Under Eye: I have the right to deserve my goal

Under Nose: And it is safe to release any anxiety about it

Under Mouth: I have the right to deserve what I want for myself

Collarbone: I have the right attract everything that supports my goal

Under Arm: It is safe to feel strong confident and deserving

Top of Head: It is safe to feel strong confident and deserving

Each time you tap be sure to write down on what other feelings or issues comes up during this process.  Tapping is the most powerful and the easiest way to identify and clear  unconscious programming that holds you back from your dreams and goals.

Remember the KEY on this process is to get specific on your issues, on your feelings, and to be SYSTEMATIC about it, going through all the different ASPECTS of the issue.

Wrapping it ALL Up

Having your conscious and unconscious mind set working together as a force for good, for love and for success is how you Authentically Unlock Your Personal Power.  

Your deepest unconscious programming holds the beliefs  of how you see your self, deserving, belonging, receiving feeling safe about who you are, what your inner critic says about your and how you tell the world who you are, how you filter the world and what lessons  the Divine sends to you for your highest good.

Money issues are mostly around survival & deservingness PLUS about your ability to receive and being vulnerable PLUS about  identity issues… who you allow the world to see. (family rebels often have a hard time letting go of proving themselves…)

Manifesting your most important dreams and goals is totally possible when your unconscious mindset supports you with empowerment and love.  This is TRULY how to up your Inner Game.

If you’d like to watch a video and download a PDF that describes this better Join my Private Facebook Group where women with purpose come to learn how to get ahead with a self love mindset.  You” find these resources in the file and video section … AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!

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