Ready to Make a Bigger Impact With Your Healing or Coaching Business? 

Shirley Braune

I was settling for crumbs with my flower business.  My money breakthroughs in her program  showed me what has kept me from the success, love and acceptance that I had been seeking which quickly led to doubling my income and I am on the path to tripling it here shortly. 

Grace Mosgeller

Business Consciousness & Strategy Coach
For Healers, Coaches & Empaths 

What You’ll Get During Your Free Consciousness Clarity Call

During your private zoom call we'll connect in a safe space for you to voice your vision and have your baseline consciousness for business assessed.   That way I can offer you my best recommendations to support you achieving the bigger impact you are wanting to make with your business and income. 

What Happens Before the Call

I'll review your application and check in with your guides to show me the support you need.

Make sure that you've carved out 60 minutes of uninterrupted time with no distractions . . .  this is YOUR TIME to grow and heal. 

What Happens During the Call

We'll meet on zoom and begin with a short grounding and intention meditation so we both are in our best energy.  As you voice your vision, I'll be asking questions and listening for consciousness conflicts between your heart and ego that limit business success. 

Based on what we discover I'll offer my best consciousness & business strategy recommendations to support the expansion of your business impact and income. 

What Changes After the Call

After the call, you'll have a solid understanding of what conflicts of consciousness for business are in your way.   I'll also suggest business strategies to help you reach more people and serve them effectively without working longer and harder.

Should we agree working together is beneficial for you, we'll set up a coaching call schedule and give you access to my private & group client resources so you can get started right away. 

About Grace Mosgeller

I've been a self employed professional since 2012 and I wish I could tell you about my many years of success in business.  Even though I didn't do poorly, I just could never expand my impact or my income past a certain point.

If I could tell you about my past raving successes, I wouldn’t have the hard earned wisdom and passion to teach you the very special and unique ways healers need to approach their consciousness for business success.  

I wouldn't be able to show you how to integrate with Spiritual Integrity your heart and soul felt drive to serve with  practical business strategies.  

Sensitive healers need that integration of self with business practices to ENJOY making a bigger difference and have a sustainable income for fulfilled living. 

It took me years to understand how to align my healers consciousness with business success.

I've used the wisdoms I've learned  to shorten and systemize all the unique ways healers need to  align their consciousness with profitable business strategies AND stay in alignment with their highest spiritual principles. 

My background as a business owner, spiritual counselor, and life coach, my certifications with NLP, EFT, energy healing and my super powers as a channel and clairaudient healer make me uniquely qualified to help healers align their hearts and souls with the mindset with business success. 

What People Are Saying About  Working With Me

Katia Sandavol

I've worked with several healers, coaches, and professionals yet none have treated the root causes therefore nothing ever changed my self sabotaging behaviors.

I've learned to lean into my feminine power, and feel great about receiving my good.  I am more self aware, I am giving from a fuller place, I am strengthening my faith, and after every session I experience personal power changes instantly.  


I am finally getting ahead, making things happen and enjoying new levels of intimacy with my boyfriend of 5 years.

This experience working with Grace is changing my life

shirley Braune 

Grace's approach is new & very powerful for me....and believe me I have been on this self enlightenment journey for a while.  I've tried other "tapping" healers before, but the real life results I've gotten from this program, and her unique talents waaaay outshines anyone I've worked with before.  

I am grateful to Grace for helping me to move into the space of self love and acceptance that I have been seeking for a very long time.  I am so impressed at how quickly I was able to dramatically improve my  financial picture and love how my  earning power continues to grow daily. 

Why Wait?

If you feel the call to make a bigger difference but struggle to expand your impact & income don't wait any longer.