Grace Mosgeller – HEART FELT COURAGE
women entrepreneurs get past pesky, frustrating and annoying money and success blocks, so they can perform at their best and really make that fulfilling impact on the world they are called to do, and feel guilt free to enjoy and circulate the resulting bounty of their bank accounts

Private & Group Self Paced Programs To Teach Self Healing Basics AND Change Your Life For The Better​

The  breakthroughs I made during this program showed me what has kept me from reaching the financial profits in my business and personal joy I had been seeking.  The approach Grace uses is new and powerful for me ... and believe me, I've been on this personal development journey for a while. I've tried other tapping healers before, but the real life results I've gotten from this program and her UNIQUE talents way outshines anyone I've worked with before. I am very grateful and impressed at how quickly I was able to dramatically allow in intimacy and business expansion ... I truly had ever considered how closely related intimacy and success are.  I feel HAPPIER than I have EVER!!  
--  Shirley

I've always felt uncomfortable letting my guard down, in fact I WANTED to keep it up.  After clearing my vow to never be vulnerable and the amazing receiving work this program offers, I now feel authentic and great about expanding my business and actually making it happen. I am not exactly sure what shifted to make that easier for me, but I am glad it has!
-- Rhonda

There are no words to describe how amazing the work you are doing is. It helped me become more emotionally healthy when my hope was very low, it helped me shift the energy in my body, and really transform from the inside.  I feel like a different person, one who is tickled pink to be me​!  This new energy has allowed me to expand way past what I thought was possible for me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I've worked with several healers, coaches, and professionals yet none have treated the root causes therefore nothing ever changed my self sabotaging behaviors.
I've learned to lean into my feminine power, and feel great about receiving my good.  I am more self aware, I am giving from a fuller place, I am strengthening my faith, and after every session I experience personal power changes instantly.  I am HAPPY!
 I am finally  getting ahead, making things happen and enjoying new intimacy levels with my boyfriend.   

This experience working with Grace is changing my life

​I'm in a new relationship with myself and this transformation is affecting the quality of my life and my business, not only because I​ now feel indescribably ​connected, safe and happy with my husband,  but because ​​I feel so much more rich​, so much more giving, and so much more passionately alive! ​ There are so many things to do, enjoy and explore besides wor​ring about if ​my husband loves me enough or not.  
-- Tesah

​​I'm now much more confident about letting myself FEEL good and deserve it.   ​It feels natural to me to ​allow in MORE love and intimacy instead of pushing it away. ​My husband no longer feels irritating and unavailable to me, rather our relationship has ​deepened to a very loving, very empowering romantic friendship I never knew even existed.  ​I feel VERY adult, Very happy, Very fulfilled. Very Alive!  Thank you Grace
 -- Kelley

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